Elizabeth I – Photoshoot (Movie inspired)

Once everything for my “Elizabeth I” was finished I dressed up for the photoshoot – which just happened to be on Halloween 🙂

I’m wearing my Elizabeth gown accessoriced with my fake ermine cape, Tudor jewelry, neckruff and plastic crown and septer (and a hideus plastic wig).







Then I removed the regalia to try to resemble the cleaner, more innocent (?) look earlier in the movie, and the edgy cover photo.




img_2016This pic would be perfect for any historic harlequin novel – don’t you think






img_2141Photo: Elin Evaldsdotter

Elizabeth I – Costume analysis

One of the costumes I wanted to make since I first became interested in historical costumes is the yellow dress from the Movie “Elizabeth” (1998), and last year I decided it was time.
The October theme for HSM2015 was “Silver screen”,  and since I acquired the perfect fabric a couple of months before I made grand plans to make the dress during the fall.

Then life happened (Jupp, baby haze), so this summer,when I finally had the energy to once more dream of pretty dresses, the yellow dress was not far from my mid.
And then when the HSM16s theme “Hero”, lined up with an growing itch to sew and grand planes for Halloween, I knew that the time had come, at last.

So lets take a look at the Dress:

(Pictures from “Costumers guide“)
elizabeth-1It’s made in a yellow/golden brocade with a snakeskin feel to the fabric.
The bodice are stiff and ends in a deep point at center front.

ref5The skirt are worn over layers of petticoats and probably a big bumpad to get the hips really wide and rounded. It’s either parted at front over a identical petticoat or pleated to look like it’s open. I think its the later, which you can better see in other pics.

ref17The line of the dress are slim and soft with a flat bodice front and rounded hips.

ref19The skirt are pleated  to the waist all around and opens up at the back. Even though you can’t see it in this pic I’m fairly sure the bodice laces up the back (as most of the dresses in the move has this somewhat un-historical feature). You can however see the sleeves and the delicate buttons (which I later decided to leave of my version).

ref26The neckline is square with a slight angle.

ref31Behind the scenes worn with a neck-ruff.

ref23The dress is worn during the coronation styled with a massive coronation robe and beautiful regalia.

fidm1Here you can better see the pleating of the skirt and the impressive point on the bodice.

2f65df3f3eea3f0f56e60e15cd347accI’m actually not sure if this picture are of the movie original or if its a great copy but i’s beautiful on the les.

english-school-koenigin-elisabeth-i-in-kroenungskleidern-123215The painting the movie based everything of.

Outlander dress inspiration

This past year I’ve followed the fenomen of “Outlander” with interest.

I’ve watched the series, read the analysis and discussions about the costumes, and smiled at the world wide drooling over Sam Heughan.
And of course admired all the fabulous recreations of the clothing’s from the show.

But it wasn’t until recently I found myself dreaming of my very own highlander/Clare costume.
It started late august.
I was going through my fabric stash for some creative impulses, when I found a piece of lovely plaid wool, in shades of dark green and navy, that might be just enough for a full skirt.
And there, right beside, a piece of perfectly matching left over beige wool that wouldn’t be enough for anything more then a small jacket, perhaps 18th century…
Yep, you see where I’m going here.

So onto Pinterest I went:










355cff34b471477934399d8c8a14a566One of few back views

113df6a2fa677ee4eb31bb5ccaf5f374Close-up showing the hooks and bars that keeps the stomacher in place.

c26db7014bdcad3b3995e84fc3b1a71bAnd you got to love the cosy knitwear.

Huldra – Movie (pre) Premiere

2 years ago I worked as the costume designer for the movie “Huldra – Lady of the forest”, which takes place in the deep northern forests of Sweden.
(you can red a bit more on my adventures during the shooting here: Huldra, Huldra- characters, Huldra – Working hard)

And now it is finally finished.


The trailer looks awesome:

(Official movie website: www.huldra.org)

I’m so happy there’s now a final product for all the hard work we all put in.10806415_750945241651004_3810141470368900492_nOn set, shooting the last couple of scenes.

And this weekend there was a big premiere/screening for everybody involved in the process of making the movie.

Which of course I had to attend.
So me and co costume designer Kristin decided to go (and to go in style – putting on that extra bling).
IMG_20150321_110330_resizedBathroom selfie.
left to right: Mirja – who does incredibly nail and make-up arts – cheek her out here,
Fanny – yet another amazing make-up artist, working in both fashion and theater make-up,
Me, and in front, my companion in costuming crime: Kristin – the most fab and well dressed person I’ve ever meet, who’s strong opinions on nature and women’s rights doesn’t leave anybody unaffected (she also have a great eye for clothing and a passion for historical rural costuming).

IMG_58531_resizedI wore my old new years dress, paired with boots and a crazy beautiful new vintage bag
(you can glimps the golden strap in this picture).

The theater was full and all 350 seats was taken, not just with people involved in the movie, but also lots of friends, family’s and professional movie goers aswell. 20150320_200819_resized

It was such a blast meting everybody again ( I can’t believe it’s almost been two years).

20150320_200810_resizedKristin and Fanny nervously waiting for the movie to begin.

Afterwards the director and the producer held a short speech, asking the leading actors onto the floor for applause.20150320_220852_resizedThen most of us headed to the after party.

Many, many hours later I finally got home.
Looking at the sunrise from my temporary bedroom window, realizing I’ve been partying for about 12 hours. 20150321_055655_resizedOps…
Well, it was so much fun, and totally worth the three hours of sleep I got before the bus was to take me home for real.

Since the only party pictures I got are either to dark or to blurry, I leave you with some nice and clear pics and screenshots from the movie.Huldra-screenshots00165






10955798_781321845280010_4797106052030112291_nPhotos: Marcus Möller

What I thought of the movie?

Well, lets just say it was fun watching it all come togeter.
And that me and Kristin could feel really proud of our work – The costumes at least, looked great….

Huldra the Movie – About

The movie ”Huldra” I’ve been working on is a thriller set in the forest in the northern parts of Sweden.

It’s about a young group of old friends who decides to go hiking in the deep forests of the north. When they arrive at the old cabin where they plan to stay for a couple of weeks they soon realizes they are not alone. The wood keeper sneaks around acting weird and a beautiful lady is lurking in the forest and in there dreams. The friendship becomes more and more strained as the days goes by, and they all decides they need to win the mysterious girl at any price…


Nanna – A tough tomboy girl who seeks to get out of her own troubled life and perhaps get together with her childhood love Martin. 1002895_505664986179032_16751508_nPlayed by: Rebecca Labbé (Photo: Marcus Möller)

Martin – The tough ex military who wants an exuse to get into the forest and away from his wife. 2013-08-02-14.22.50Played by: Christoffer L Johnsson

Peter – The struggling musician who loves the forest and the wildlife. 1184963_509133635832167_1734405931_nPlayed by: Dave León (Photo: Marcus Möller)

Adam – The successful attorney who wants to meet up with old friends. 2013-08-06-12.02.30Played by: Victor von Schirach

John – The playboy wannabe brat, who loves to party. 554923_504186599660204_1064193896_nPlayed by: Viktor Åkerblom (Photo: Marcus Möller)

Adrian – the millionaire nerd who loves the nature and who don’t´t mind helping the others out. 558021_510723675673163_1058604219_nPlayed by: Nikola Ruzicic (Photo: Marcus Möller)

Harald – The forest keeper who´s been living in the woods for many, many years… 733807_504185942993603_1398622362_nPlayed by: Hans Muller (Photo: Marcus Möller)

Young Harald – Harald 40 years ago. 2013-08-09-17.40.18Played by: Fredrik Wagner

Gerda – Haralds mysterious daughter. Played by: Pernilla Eriksson

Hippies – Haralds 4 hippie friends from the 1970s. Played by: Natalie Söderqvist, Linus Nilsson, Sofia Bratwall and Joakim Thelin.

Thrilled yet?


Parhaps you need some more pictures from the set…

2013-08-06 13.46.31



1148815_506251416120389_1393733656_n(Photo: Marcus Möller)

935891_505686712843526_1503845062_n(Photo: Marcus Möller)

2013-07-31 18.23.53



1098252_506853796060151_2129442386_n(Photo: Marcus Möller)

579613_504199412992256_1523069517_n(Photo: Marcus Möller)

67667_10151745284890660_1956985005_n(Photo: Marcus Möller)

Still no…

Then let me just tell you that the past weeks I really learnt how to clean blood of clothes…

*The word ”huldra” is one of the names used to describe the mythical creature called ”skogsrå” (forest nymph) in Sweden.

As taught in school (my remembrance): The Skogsrå was a creature of the forest who used to appear to people who was lost in the woods in the shape of an ugly old woman. If the miss-fortunate traveler showed her kindness and let her warm herself by the fire, she would shift to her beautiful shape and show them the way home. But if she was treated badly she would instead turn them her back and show the big gulping hole and long tail coiling from her spine, and then kill them instantly.