Past Halloween Costumes – Alice part 2

Last year when making the halloween costume for my youngest sister I got my first try out at disressing clothes.

I started with a cute little outfit in white and blue, with an adoreble toy bunny to match.


Then I grabed the scissors and the faux blood and got to work. Ripping, cutting and dripping blood on both the dress and the apron.

I even “killed” the bunny by stiching X-s as eyes, and making the head removable (and attacheble) with a hidden snap.

2012-10-30 11.21.03

And the we did an other photoshoot.








She had realy fun at the pary and the “White Rabbit” was the evenings most popular guests…

Past Halloween costumes – Alice part 1

Last year my youngest sister asked me for some halloween inspiration, as she was attending a masqurade party at the university.

We sat down and searched the internet, and came across this outfit.

16814xl“Alice in Crazyland”

We both liked it and decided to make it.

I bought 2 m blue cotton and found some white cotton in my stash. I draw a simple pattern and cut and sewed the dress and apron in one day. I also made a bow headband and bought some white stockings.


Then we whent looking for a stuffed bunny. But time was running out, and no white bunnies was to be found, so I decided to make one.

I found the pattern for this little cutie on the web.

Blog bun 006

And made my own version of it, adding a waistcoat and a clock.


Then we did a quick photoshoot.








By now I’m sure you all think – “Hey, didn’t the inspiration picture show an evil Alice?”

Well, yes it did. And I will show her to you in my next post…

Past Halloween Costumes – Renessance / Elizabeth I

When my sister told me she was going to a big halloween party last year, we immediately sat down to decide on what to make. Since the time was tight we both decided to re-make one of her old costumes.

Since I’ve haven’t gotten around to write about the “old” costume yet, I will start there and then show you the alterations we did for halloween 2012.


2010 I took a class in costume design, and was asked to design and make a costume to fit one of the caracters in Shakespeares “The Tempest”.

Being a sucker for beautyful renessance gowns, I choose the one female character in the play – Miranda, the daughter of the king, who’s been living on a deserted island until a prince comes and rescues her.

Stormen MirandaMy caracter design

All items were to be made in theatrical fashion – super easy to both get on and of.

So I made the open skirt with the forepart as one.


And the bodice with the big sleeves sewed on, and a opening in the back next to the lacing which closed with snaps.


I also made a partlet, a bumroll, a belt and a french hood.

Then me and my sister whent outside and took some photos.












Then, two years later, we dugg the dress out from it’s box and got to work.

This time it was going to be transformed to something fit a young queen Elizabeth I.

First we needed to lenghten the bodice (to get a better fit), and then we made the skirt and bodice connect by sewing on hooks and eyes.

I also made a simple ruff to wear around the neck, and put some pictures of King Henry IIIV and Anne Boleyn in a amulet.


This time we din’t have the time to take good pictures but I still managed to snap a few shoots of the ensamble.





Past Halloween Costumes – True Blood

Halloween are without doubt my favourite holiday, unfortunaly we don’t celebrate it here in Sweden.

The wounderfuly decorated houses and creative costumes that’s been seen in the US are never seen here. Even though the celebrations have started to grow a bit these past few years, it still have a long way to go in my opinion.


So last year when I got invited to a halloween/birthday party I tought long and hard of what to make.

I decided on one of the coolest evil television caracters right now: Lorena from “True Blood”.

I always loved her outfits and style, and decided to make the white ruffled blouse and little black skirt she wears when being staked to death in the series.

img-thing lorena


I made a simple halter top and sewed the ruffles on to it. Then I dripped and painted faux blood on it.

2012-10-25-22.31.49I bought a slim black skirt and some stockings with a contrasting black seam.

I also decided to take the look down a bit and didn’t use either fangs or bloody tears on the face.

2012-10-27-21.59.07A pic from the party

And the photoshoot…IMG_0446