Scary History

It’s that time of the year again.
When people goes crazy splurging on unnecessary things, clothes and decoration for the homes.
Of course I’m talking about – Halloween!

This year I decided to try something I’ve never done before – A Halloween photoshoot.
And since I couldn’t decide which one of my costumes I would use, I decided to use all of them…
No not really, but there where a lot.

The whole idea started when “American Duchess” announced her Instagram photo contest.
I started collecting inspiration pictures to decide what kind of picture I wanted for the competition – and from there it grew.
I decided there was no way I could model all the outfits I wanted to photograph, so I put a questions for models out on my private facebook – And you guessed it – I got lots of answers.

So this weekend I packed all my carefully ironed, sorted and packed dresses (shoes, corsets, hats, jewelry ect) in the car on top of the box holding all my Halloween decoration and masquerade make-up, and drew to work.
Yes, Since thee was now about 10 of us to get styled, dressed and photographed, I’ve decided to hold the photoshoot at the theater. And the fact that I had access to lighting, smoke machine and a wonderful huge “Dollhouse” as a backdrop really made the decision easy.

12112163_1277175332310740_7696391100424882181_nLots of things was going on in my sewing room previous this week.

I will show you the pictures as soon as they are ready – just need to do some sorting, editing and finishing first.

In the meantime here are some of my inspiration pics:


Headless Portraits From the 19th Century (11)






Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Movie



11147032_10207758366618764_2972450089033689557_nZombie grupie 🙂

Halloween party at work

This Wednesday I hosted a Halloween party at work.

I’d brought all my decorations and some fabrics to help set the mood, and exactly one hour before the colleges was to arrive I finally closed down my computer and got to work decorating the office.


IMG_3297I used white sheets as tablecloth and lots of lights and spiderweb to get out sterile and clean office look more cosy and scary.


IMG_3300This is not how my desk usually looks…


IMG_3317The small figurines in the background are the clay versions of the “Sexy – for real” ensemble which I worked with last year.

IMG_3303To dark for any good pictures, but it was worth a try.

IMG_3305The part was nice, and everyone was impressed of how much I’d manadged to change the room in one hour.

IMG_3295Martin likes this holiday just as much as me, and he helped whit the mood by arranging the blue lights.

IMG_3339The bathroom needed some decoration as well.

IMG_3341And of course we needed a zombie grabbing for you while at the restroom.

IMG_3319I did manadged to get of selfie of myself as Alex from “Clockwork Orange”.

Halloween sale

Just in time for Halloween I decided to try to get yet another box of costumes out of my basement.
This time I’m focusing on masquerade costumes, I’ve made for past holidays.

Here are some of the items that is up for grabs this time:

CIMG1170A classic strapless witch/vampire dress in red and black polyester satin.

CIMG1217A black, one shoulder witch/vampire dress in plysch with a notched hem.

CIMG1272Yet another black/red witch/vampire dress. Floor length and in plysch this time.

CIMG1332A white nurse dress made from sheets, includes cap and cuffs.

And if you’r as tired of the “cliche” Halloween costumes as me, then why not go for some of the following outfits…

DSC_0724Cleopatra – queen of the Nile…
The costume includes: A white dress, red “shawl”, golden belt, neck and headpiece.
Everything made by me for a school project.

Åsa PeterssonCarmen/Esmeralda/Phantom of the opera…
The costume contains: Yellow/purple skirt, white blouse, red/black corset/bustier (not the one in this pic) and black shawl (not depicted here).

DSC_06281930-1940s dress, in flowery grey polyester with white collar, belt and cuffs.

IMG_0487Or why not celebrate the ending of the series “True blood” with an iconic “Lorena” blouse.

How do you dress for Halloween this year?

2013 Halloween costume – Beeteljuice

The weekend after our Halloween party me and my sister went outside to take some photos.

I’ve been thinking about taking pictures at the cementary but when we got there we feelt kind of bad, taking photos and posing amongst the tombstones. But we still manadged to get a couple of good shoots before we hurried away.








IMG_3812Photos: Elin Petersson

And my Halloween costume 2013 is….

This year I decided to host a party myself, and invited som friends to join.

I knew I wanted to dress up but, not to much. As both my time, money and ambitions was low, I decided to use stuff I already own and combine a simple costume.

I searced the internet for inspiration, finaly deciding on the caracter of “Beetlejuice” from the 1984 Tim Burton Movie.



I also found some various costumes portraying the caracter

images (1)




images (2)

images (3)

A cute doll.


And a adoreble child


I made my costume by combining a striped chiffong shirt, a black skirt, some striped stockings and a black tie. The only thing needed to be bought was the stockings.






I also styled my hair like crazy and put on a pretty heavy make-up, following parts of this tutorial

I will how you some proper pictures in my next post.