Huldra the Movie – About

The movie ”Huldra” I’ve been working on is a thriller set in the forest in the northern parts of Sweden.

It’s about a young group of old friends who decides to go hiking in the deep forests of the north. When they arrive at the old cabin where they plan to stay for a couple of weeks they soon realizes they are not alone. The wood keeper sneaks around acting weird and a beautiful lady is lurking in the forest and in there dreams. The friendship becomes more and more strained as the days goes by, and they all decides they need to win the mysterious girl at any price…


Nanna – A tough tomboy girl who seeks to get out of her own troubled life and perhaps get together with her childhood love Martin. 1002895_505664986179032_16751508_nPlayed by: Rebecca Labbé (Photo: Marcus Möller)

Martin – The tough ex military who wants an exuse to get into the forest and away from his wife. 2013-08-02-14.22.50Played by: Christoffer L Johnsson

Peter – The struggling musician who loves the forest and the wildlife. 1184963_509133635832167_1734405931_nPlayed by: Dave León (Photo: Marcus Möller)

Adam – The successful attorney who wants to meet up with old friends. 2013-08-06-12.02.30Played by: Victor von Schirach

John – The playboy wannabe brat, who loves to party. 554923_504186599660204_1064193896_nPlayed by: Viktor Åkerblom (Photo: Marcus Möller)

Adrian – the millionaire nerd who loves the nature and who don’t´t mind helping the others out. 558021_510723675673163_1058604219_nPlayed by: Nikola Ruzicic (Photo: Marcus Möller)

Harald – The forest keeper who´s been living in the woods for many, many years… 733807_504185942993603_1398622362_nPlayed by: Hans Muller (Photo: Marcus Möller)

Young Harald – Harald 40 years ago. 2013-08-09-17.40.18Played by: Fredrik Wagner

Gerda – Haralds mysterious daughter. Played by: Pernilla Eriksson

Hippies – Haralds 4 hippie friends from the 1970s. Played by: Natalie Söderqvist, Linus Nilsson, Sofia Bratwall and Joakim Thelin.

Thrilled yet?


Parhaps you need some more pictures from the set…

2013-08-06 13.46.31



1148815_506251416120389_1393733656_n(Photo: Marcus Möller)

935891_505686712843526_1503845062_n(Photo: Marcus Möller)

2013-07-31 18.23.53



1098252_506853796060151_2129442386_n(Photo: Marcus Möller)

579613_504199412992256_1523069517_n(Photo: Marcus Möller)

67667_10151745284890660_1956985005_n(Photo: Marcus Möller)

Still no…

Then let me just tell you that the past weeks I really learnt how to clean blood of clothes…

*The word ”huldra” is one of the names used to describe the mythical creature called ”skogsrå” (forest nymph) in Sweden.

As taught in school (my remembrance): The Skogsrå was a creature of the forest who used to appear to people who was lost in the woods in the shape of an ugly old woman. If the miss-fortunate traveler showed her kindness and let her warm herself by the fire, she would shift to her beautiful shape and show them the way home. But if she was treated badly she would instead turn them her back and show the big gulping hole and long tail coiling from her spine, and then kill them instantly.

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