Outlander dress inspiration

This past year I’ve followed the fenomen of “Outlander” with interest.

I’ve watched the series, read the analysis and discussions about the costumes, and smiled at the world wide drooling over Sam Heughan.
And of course admired all the fabulous recreations of the clothing’s from the show.

But it wasn’t until recently I found myself dreaming of my very own highlander/Clare costume.
It started late august.
I was going through my fabric stash for some creative impulses, when I found a piece of lovely plaid wool, in shades of dark green and navy, that might be just enough for a full skirt.
And there, right beside, a piece of perfectly matching left over beige wool that wouldn’t be enough for anything more then a small jacket, perhaps 18th century…
Yep, you see where I’m going here.

So onto Pinterest I went:










355cff34b471477934399d8c8a14a566One of few back views

113df6a2fa677ee4eb31bb5ccaf5f374Close-up showing the hooks and bars that keeps the stomacher in place.

c26db7014bdcad3b3995e84fc3b1a71bAnd you got to love the cosy knitwear.

5 thoughts on “Outlander dress inspiration

  1. I will be very interested in seeing your progress! I’ve also wanted a new sewing project (the house has as many cushions, slip covers, aprons, and curtains as it can handle) and thought I’d give authentic period costumes a go. As I’ve also loved the Outlander series I thought I’d start with a Georgian style so have been researching good authentic pattern suppliers. I will keep an eye on your progress!

  2. I also want to make an Outlander era costume. Pretty sure I have suitable fabric in my stash, but need to finish 1810 before I go back to the 1700’s. About to head out the door to my studio to get sewing my spencer and might have a wee check of fabrics while I’m out there.

    1. I totaly knew the feeling. At the moment I’m working on a 1990s ensamble and a 1770s Franchaise while my head are planing a 1550s dress and a 1660s evening gown.
      There are always someting you ratther do, no matther how much you longed for the piece at your table right now.
      I love “shopping” from my stash – It’s so revarding, and you don’t have to wait to get started.
      Good luck to you 🙂

  3. I loved the books, and could not stop watching the series. I was in a medieval re enactment group for ten years 1475 period and your ideas have given me thoughts on turning some of my costumes .With heavy cold winters they will be useful. Thank you for your interesting blog.

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