Some of the historical costumes I’ve made.
The costumes are shown in chronological order.

(I update continuously)

Ancient times:

Grecian Chiton (spring 2017)

Construction & Photos

14-15th Century:

 Green 1350s Medieval dress (autumn 2013)IMG_3684Construction dress, cape, headwearFinished Photos

1450s Burgundian dress (summer 2015)IMG_8354 Construction, medieval event

1490s Italian “Borgia” dress (Summer 2016) img_05060construction, construction part 2, headwear and photoshoot

16-17th Century:

1550s Renaissance Peasant (spring 2013)pump-ståConstruction and Pictures

16th century Doublet (autumn 2014)IMG_2843 Construction, Pictures.

Elizabethan 1550s dress (autumn 2016)img_1581Construction dress, partlet, french hood & photoshoot

1660s Gerard ter Borsh (summer 2015) IMG_8003Dress studySkirt, Coif, Bodice part 1, 2,& 3, Photoshoot.

1690s Striped Mantua (summer 2017)Construction 1, construction 2 & photoshoot

18th Century:

1740s Highlander/Outlander outfit (autumn 2015)IMG_8728Jacket and skirt, Photoshoot

1760s Pet-en-l’aire and Separate Skirt (autumn 2013)IMG_1650Construction Pet-en-l’aire, Construction Skirt, Finished Photos

1760s Robe A la Francaise (summer 2017)Construction & Photoshoot

18th century Stays (summer 2014)IMG_2197Construction, photoshoot

1770s Francaise a la Merteuil (spring 2013)IMG_2664ConstuctionFinished picturesInspiration

1780s Floral Anglaise of satin trouble (spring 2013)

IMG_2437Construction 1.Construction 2.Finished picturesInspiration

Late 18th Century Underwear (winter 2012/2013)IMG_1788Flowery corset construction, Photos

1780s Pink Calaco and Pastell Skirt (Spring 2014)IMG_7724Construction Calaco jacket, Construction skirt, Finished pictures.

Striped 1780s Robe Anglaise (summer 2014)IMG_8733Construction dress, skirt, Photoshoot.

1780s Autum Anglaise (summer/autumn 2014)IMG_1228Construction 1, Construction 2, Photos

1780s Flowery Jacket and quilted PetticoatDSC_0062Construction Jacket (summer 2012), Construction Petticoat (spring 2013)

1780s Maids costume (winter/spring 2015)IMG_5961Construction part 1, construction part 2, photoshoot

1780s spring Anglaise (autumn 2014)
Construction, photosoot 1, Re-making & photoshoot 2

1785s Chemise a Lamballe (summer 2013)DSC_0401Construction, Finished PicturesInspiration

1790s Menwear “Foxhunt” (winter 2012/2013)IMG_1175-okConstruction 1, construction 2, construction 3.

1790s Blue Redingote (winter 2014/2015)
IMG_5638Construction part 1, construction part 2, photoshoot

1795s Transitional Round gown
IMG_6209 Construction, photos

19th century:

Janet – 1800s Apron-front Regency Daydress (summer 2017)  Construction, Accessorize and photoshoot

Striped 1805s Regency Gown (spring 2013)stripesConstruction and Pictures, accessoares

White 1805s Regency Evening Gown (autumn 2014)IMG_4148Construction, photos

Yellow 1810s Regency Gown (summer 2014)IMG_9142Construction, bonnetPhotoshoot

Greek Godess Regency Gown (autumn 2014)
Construction, Photoshoot

1825s Purple Evening Gown (spring 2017)
Construction, hair, photoshoot

Green 1840s Day Dress (autumn 2013)IMG_4286Construction, apron and Pictures.

1850s Peasant Dress (fall 2015)IMG_8569Construction & photos

1850s Underwear (spring/summer 2014)IMG_9571Chemise, corset, crinoline and photoshoot.

1849s Plaid Summer dress (summer 2015) Dress construction part 1, part 2 & part 3 & Photoshoot.

1850s Paisley Daydress (summer 2014)IMG_0218BonnetSkirt, jacket, Photoshoot

1850s Paisley Evening Dress (summer 2014)IMG_0405Evening bodice, photoshoot.

1860s Summer outfit (summer 2015)IMG_6963Hat, Blouse, Skirt & Swiss Waist.

1860s Underwear (spring 2017)Green Corset with photoshoot. 
Golden corset
 & Orange Crinoline with photoshoot and shared underwear photoshoot

1862 Summer walking dress (Summer 2017)
Construction, Accessoares & Photoshoot

1865s Teal Evening Gown (spring 2017)
Construction & Photoshoot

1880s Travel Suit “The Cherry Orchad” (winter 2010/2011)3Construction & pictures

“The Cherry Orcade” 1880s Evening Gown (winter 2010/2011) DSC_0281Construction & pictures.

Laced Victorian 1880s Corset and Bustle (summer 2013)IMG_3044Bustle construction, Corset construction, Finished pictures, Neo-victorian pictures

1880s Opera Evening Gown (winter 2013/2014)IMG_5561 näraPattern Bodice, Sewing Bodice, Sewing Skirt, Photoshoot.

20th century:

Camille 1901s Edwardian Gown (spring 2014)IMG_7401Construction Gown, Re-designing of Gown, Hat, Photos.

1905s Wool Walking Suit (autumn 2015)IMG_8890Skirt, Shirtwaist, bolero & photoshoot

Late 19th century Suffragett Celebration (winter 2013/2014)IMG_4589Construction Shirtwaist, Brosches and Skirt with pictures.

1900s Walking Skirt (spring 2015)IMG_6202Skirt construction

The 1910s Titanic Rose (summer 2013)IMG_0334Construction and picturesConstruction Plans

1913s dress – To late for Titanic (summer 2013)IMG_0614Construction and photosPattern makingConstruction Plans

Eastern Influences in 1914 (summer 2013)IMG_0447Construction and Pictures

1914s summer dress (spring 2015)IMG_4850Construction part 1, part 2, photoshoot

Turquoise 1920s dress (spring 2017)Construction & Pictures

1925s Evening dress (summer 2017)
 Construction & Photoshoot

Glittery 1929s robe (winter 2014/2015)IMG_4384 Construction, photos

1929s Picture dress (autumn 2013)IMG_2004Construction and Pictures

1935s Christmas dress (winter 2014/2015)IMG_4508Constructions, photos

1936s Sailor dress (Spring 2013)IMG_2010Construction and Pictures

Non Historic:

Skedevi National Costume (winter 2009/2010)IMG_3319Construction, Photos.

Steampunk 1880s (summer 2014)IMG_0701Pictures

18th Century Plastic Fantastic (Summer 2015)IMG_5170construction and photoshoot

4 thoughts on “Portfolio

  1. Hej!
    Försökte anmäla mitt intresse för två 1700-tals klänningar. Den första blommiga och den blårandiga. Vill gärna köpa båda om de funkar till 40 storlek. Vet inte om min kommentar gick fram?
    Hälsningar Lena Starck

  2. Hello
    Today i saw different photographs of dresses of our past. Its amazing. I never saw this type of photos, its incredible and spectacular. The dresses are awesome. I am Davinder singh from punjab, India. I am an artist. I like the erdwardian period 1885- 1910. I have painted different paintings on edwardian time. In 1890, britihers ruled over india. The dresses of british ladies were amazing. Kindly make some dresses on british era in india during 1885-1890. And click photographs. I have collection of old photographs of british time. If you want, i send you.
    Davinder singh

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