Allers Pattern Magazine 25 Mars 1925

Since I don’t have anything new to show you just yet I decided to post some pics of another one of my “Allers Pattern Magazines”.
And look! The cover are in color!







IMG_9332Sewing instructions and pattern layouts.

IMG_9334And look there is patterns to.

IMG_9335Hm, wounder which lines to use…


IMG_9337This right one is adorable.





IMG_9341I need to make this jacket someday.




Allers Pattern Journal 12 maj 1912

While I’m full steam ahead working on the next HSF project, I figured I give you a close-up of another Allers patterns journals.

This one’s from maj 1912.IMG_7912

IMG_7913Two lovely day/walking dresses.

IMG_7914Love the intricate collar.

IMG_7915Some crocheting ideas.

Crocketed lace on dress.

Some simple needlework patterns.



IMG_7921And some children’s fashion.


IMG_7923A really long coat. I also like the strapping golf player in the background.



Allers Pattern Magazine 9 Mars 1913

I think it is time for yet another look at my (slowly) growing collection of “Allers Patterns Magazines”.
This magazine is from Mars 9th 1913.IMG_7669

IMG_7671Three lovely daywear outfits.

IMG_7670Love the cut of this blouse – sailor with a twist. I will definetly make it someday.

IMG_7672Embrodery and knotting designs.

IMG_7676And an ad for a fashionable shaped dressform. “What every lady should own” is the headline. But I do think it is a bit funny that the from is so extreamly S-shaped, and the rest of the fashions in the magazine is more slender straight lined. Guess the dressform manufacturer didn’t quite keep up with the shifting fashion.

IMG_7673Collars and crocketing patterns.

IMG_7674Love the flowery collars, and there even is a litle bonnet in the pic.

The center fold of eye-candy dresses.IMG_7677

IMG_7679Three darling everyday dresses. Perhaps the right one even will work for dinner.

IMG_7678Great hat.


IMG_7681Young misses dresses.



IMG_7682Awsome ridinghabit and picture.

IMG_7685Embrodery letters.

And the final page with childrens clothing.IMG_7687


IMG_7689Young adults/theenagers


Allers Pattern Journal 26 jan 1913

and since we’re still on the subject of early 20th century: Here comes another view of my recently accuired “Allers Patterns Magzines”.

“Allers Mönster-tidning 26 jan 1913”.IMG_7643

Close up of front page.IMG_7645All of these dresses looks so comfortable. Even the coat look like it is really easy to wear.

IMG_7646Some knitting patterns and tips.

I just couldn’t resist incluing this add, its hillarious.IMG_7648It tells you about this amazing beverege called “Hunyadi Ja’nos” to get you “bowels movin”, just drink one full glas a day.

IMG_7652And some embrodery and knitting tips.

IMG_7650Take a look at this tapestry of a hunting party chasing the deer through the woods.

IMG_7653Oh those pretty dresses.

IMG_7655Love the draping on the left gowns skirt.

IMG_7654So beautiful.

IMG_7656Contrasting belts, big draping sleeves and trailing trains – heaven.

IMG_7657The right one in light creame and deep reed… drool.

IMG_7658Great shapes on these skirts.

IMG_7660More knitting patterns.

IMG_7661“Suggestions on tapestries”

IMG_7662Childrens fashion.

IMG_7664A litle boy-man with bowler and everyting.

IMG_7665Sailor suits and sweet dresses.

IMG_7666Misses dresses.

IMG_7668Pretty collars and lacing insertins.

Allers Pattern Journal 20 okt 1907

Last week my first real “ancent/vintage” items arrived in the mail. Three copies of “Allers pattern magazine” from early 20th century.

I must confess I’m in love with them all. And I think I might developed a crushing need to get my hands on lots (all) of these fashion magazines.

And today I will give you a closer look at one of them. Hopfully you will find them as wounderful and lovely as I do.

“Allers Mönster-tidning 20 ok 1907”IMG_7624Some lovely separates: skirts, shirtwaists and a fur jacket at the bottom.

IMG_7626Embrodery and home decor. Not my cup of tea, but pretty non the less.

Winter dresses to die for.IMG_7627Lookig at this pictures makes me dream of ice-skating and winter walks. Lets take a closer look.

IMG_7628I adore this whole outfit: the hat, the muff, the fur trimed skirt – I will definetly try to make this one someday.

IMG_7629Two beatiful gowns with lovely sleeves and decorations.

IMG_7630A mother and child (makes me want a litle one, just to dress in dresses like this.)

IMG_7631Elegance overload. I can’t decide which one I like the best, they are both so lovely. Perhaps  will just have to make them both…

IMG_7632Some more formal gowns. Love the lace treatment on the light skirt.


IMG_7634Looks warm and cosy. I do however think I would feel very old and shapeless in a cape like this.

This next page is full of sewing tips and instructions for the cape shown in the left corner. The headline on the page is “Husliga sysslor” (domestic chores).IMG_7635

A love this scheme of childrens clothes.IMG_7636

IMG_7637Pretty young ladies.

IMG_7638I adore the short knickers and long socks worn by the boys.

And the final page is also dedicated to childrens clothing.IMG_7639

IMG_7640Look at that lovely jacket and the kick as attitude on the girl. You wouldn’t mess with her would you.

IMG_7641Some essential night gowns and a cute litle nightcap.

And finaly two sweet school girls in striped dresses and hats.IMG_7642