Allers Pattern Journal 20 okt 1907

Last week my first real “ancent/vintage” items arrived in the mail. Three copies of “Allers pattern magazine” from early 20th century.

I must confess I’m in love with them all. And I think I might developed a crushing need to get my hands on lots (all) of these fashion magazines.

And today I will give you a closer look at one of them. Hopfully you will find them as wounderful and lovely as I do.

“Allers Mönster-tidning 20 ok 1907”IMG_7624Some lovely separates: skirts, shirtwaists and a fur jacket at the bottom.

IMG_7626Embrodery and home decor. Not my cup of tea, but pretty non the less.

Winter dresses to die for.IMG_7627Lookig at this pictures makes me dream of ice-skating and winter walks. Lets take a closer look.

IMG_7628I adore this whole outfit: the hat, the muff, the fur trimed skirt – I will definetly try to make this one someday.

IMG_7629Two beatiful gowns with lovely sleeves and decorations.

IMG_7630A mother and child (makes me want a litle one, just to dress in dresses like this.)

IMG_7631Elegance overload. I can’t decide which one I like the best, they are both so lovely. Perhaps  will just have to make them both…

IMG_7632Some more formal gowns. Love the lace treatment on the light skirt.


IMG_7634Looks warm and cosy. I do however think I would feel very old and shapeless in a cape like this.

This next page is full of sewing tips and instructions for the cape shown in the left corner. The headline on the page is “Husliga sysslor” (domestic chores).IMG_7635

A love this scheme of childrens clothes.IMG_7636

IMG_7637Pretty young ladies.

IMG_7638I adore the short knickers and long socks worn by the boys.

And the final page is also dedicated to childrens clothing.IMG_7639

IMG_7640Look at that lovely jacket and the kick as attitude on the girl. You wouldn’t mess with her would you.

IMG_7641Some essential night gowns and a cute litle nightcap.

And finaly two sweet school girls in striped dresses and hats.IMG_7642


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