1950s Turquoise Slim Dress

This dress was originally planed to be one of two options for my friends wedding mid July, but as you might expect – it wasn’t finished by then (so I wore a different dress instead).
(who knew you would get so little time for sewing whit a newborn in your lap…)

IMG_0150The pattern is an original I won at an online auction about a year ago.

The fabric is 1,5 m of soft Viscose in a lovely turquoise, I had in my stash, from which I barely managed to irk all the pattern pieces from.IMG_0152

Unfortunately I didn’t take any in progress photos, but the construction was really simple – basically a darted slim skirt sewn to a slightly larger/ lose T-shirt bodice. No zipper or clouser, just interfacing to the neckline and bust darts. A quick hemming and it was done (probably took me less then 4 hours, all and all).

Simple as it was, I did however made two pretty classic mistakes.
1. When enlarging the pattern for the bodice I added a bit to much center front/back which made the neckline to wide. It doesn’t show but it feels when worn.
2. I didn’t took the time to go into town to get more interfacing, but used what I had, which of course was way to stiff for the soft fabric, thous making the neckline facings to hard and adding to the weird look/feel of the neckline.

IMG_9971It does not look like much on the hanger…

  The finished dressIMG_0153







The PhotoshootIMG_0745









IMG_0842Photo by: Maria Petersson

The facts:

What: A 1950s summer dress

Pattern: Simplicity 2963

Fabric & Notions: 1,5 m turquoise viscose, Thread and pieces of interfacing for the neck-facings.

Time & cost: about 100 Sek (16 Usd) and less then 4 hours (although I worked on it in 10 minute portions for 3 weeks, so it’s hard to tell exactly).

Final Thoughts: I do love the idea of this dress, but sadly I’m not a fan o it in real life. The lose bodice make my upper body look huge and the slim skirt only enhances that feeling. On a slimmer person, or at least someone with hm.. les bobbage (Did I mention I’m currently breastfeeding…) it would probably look great. But I don’t think I will ever wear it again.

New Patterns

This spring and early summer I’ve been indulging in some serious costume related internet shopping.
I’ve been bidding on the most awsome stuff on online auctions (some of which I already shown you here), but for this post I will focus on some of my new sewing patterns.

Lets start things of with some lovely 1950-1960s fashion.IMG_8424Stil nr 2079.

IMG_9281Stil nr 2560

IMG_9722Stil 1564. This one is about 3 sizes to big but I don’t think it is that hard to re-size it.

And some dresses.IMG_8544Simplicity 2963.

IMG_9743Stil 1975.

IMG_8376Simplicity 3069. This one is my favourite, I can defenetly se myself making the green one to wear to parties this fall.

Then some childrens pattern.IMG_9314Stil 8609.

IMG_9313Stil nr?

And a modern baby patternIMG_8547Burda 9636.

Lets move on to the historical patterns.

19th century underwearIMG_9312Simplicity 6769. I made the Chemise for the last HSF challenge from this pattern.

Regency gownsIMG_8293Simplicity 4055. And my yellow regency gown was made using this pattern.

16th century gownsIMG_9745Simplicity 3782. My dream of a Tudor/Elizabethin gown came one step closer with this pattern.

Ok, not historical (No, Westeros do not actually exist), but I couldn’t resist this “Game of thrones” pattern.IMG_9744Simplicity 1487.

Pretty impressive for somebody who use to draft all her patterns herself.

Well my indulgence didn’t stop there. So talking about Historical pattern, I also found some lovely reproduction ones from Neheleniapatterns.com, which all were to tempting to resist.

A Regency spencerIMG_9315Period Impressions 461

Some gentlemans waistcoats.IMG_9320Kannik’s Korner – Man’s Waistcoat

Gentlemens BreechesIMG_9317Country Wives – Narrow fall-front trousers.

Mens Regency coatIMG_9318Rocking Horse Farm – 1795-1820 jacket

A mens military uniformIMG_9319Rocking Horse Farm – Dragoon Uniform

And a late 18th century riding habitIMG_9316Nehelenia Patterns – 1790s Redingote

Well, that was that. Or at least the patterns.
I will show you my new costuming books next time.