1930s Christmas dress – photoshoot

Yesterday I did my hair, make-up and put on my 1930s Christmas dress, for the photoshoot.


















IMG_4591Photo: Maria Petersson

I was a bit skeptical and a bit worried about getting any nice photos, since I didn’t like the fit of the dress at all.
But as my sister (photographer) said – “You seam to have lots of fun in this dress – perhaps you like it after all…”
And looking at the pics I can only say yes, I think I do.

1930s Christmas dress

You might have noticed my most un-regular posting this past week. The main reason for that are that I’ve been struggling to finish my by now late entry for challenge 22 – Modern history.

But now finally it is finished, and here comes a quick write up.

cfcc97cb2a0de7209ce391c4cccc995cMy inspiration pic.

I decided to make a 1930s dress using a lovely plaid fabric I’ve bought a few years ago for another project.

I cut the pieces on bias to get a nice layout of the plaids.IMG_4017

IMG_4022The cut pieces.

I’ve started this project about a month ago and since my last update, I’ve fixed some problems and encountered some new.

I took the skirt in a few more centimeters to give it a better fit. IMG_4299Some huge seam allowances before trimming.

IMG_4289 IMG_4285
So far so good.

I’ve pinned the zipper to the side seam and stitched it in place.IMG_4305

I redrafted and cut new sleeves, which now fit much better (not perfect though).IMG_4313

But what the heck is this!IMG_4318The bias cut of the slim dress make the zipper wobble and pucker something enormously.

I didn’t know what to do to fix it completely, but I ripped the zipper out, fussed on some interlining and hand stitched it back, making sure to shortening it as much as possible. It does look better but not near as good as it should.

I then finished the dress by stitching a bias tape to the inside of the neckline, hemming the skirt and making the belt and bow.

The finished dress:IMG_4348












Just the facts:

Challenge: nr 23 – Modern History

What: a 1930s plaid dress

Pattern: I drafted my own based on the inspiration pic.

Fabric: 1,5 m of polyester plaid, 0,3m of white polyester satin and a scrap of black cotton velvet.

Notions: Thread, zipper, fusible interning, and bias tape used for facing.

How Historical accurate: So so. The look of it is about right, and the plaid is plausible but It should probably have been made in wool.

Time: Way to long! And its a miracle I finished at all with all the trouble I’ve had whit this dress.

Cost: Since everything came from stash it was practically free but If I would have bought everything new I probably have spent about 200 Sek (32Usd).

Fists worn: Dec 22 for a photoshoot. It was meant to be worn for Christmas, but I’m not totally convinced I can pull it of (guess I will decide after the photoshoot).

Progress and set backs – 1930s Christmas dress

I’d planed to be finished with the 1930s Christmas dress by now, but life, work and karma apparently do not approve.


The good things:

IMG_4269I’ve cut the fabric for the dress and even though the plaid’s not perfectly matched I don’t mind as much as I thought I would.

IMG_4025The contrast between the darker plaid and the white satin for the sleeves looks great. I’m so pleased with this combination.

I have yet another week left until Christmas, and have all confidence I will finish in time.

The not so good things:

IMG_4248IMG_4265I must have had a black out while pattern drafting since I decided to skipp the waist darts and only use the side seams for waist shaping. You would thought 10 years of pattern making for my curvy body would have tought me something about proper fitting to my shapes. I’m currently busy shortening the bodice length and adding darts to both bodice and skirt.

IMG_4264Yet another blackout compelled me to rush through the making of the sleeves pattern and left me with cut out and sewn raglan sleeves fit for a 5 year old. Do it again and do it right.

My design decision to change the bow at the waist to a belt, turned out to be more trouble then anticipated. Since the only store in out town with good sewing notions recently closed, and I couldn’t find anything I liked to a reasonably price on the internet. Guess the bow will have to do. Perhaps I can ad a separate belt later.


 Lets get back to the sewing machine…