Allers Pattern Magazine 9 Mars 1913

I think it is time for yet another look at my (slowly) growing collection of “Allers Patterns Magazines”.
This magazine is from Mars 9th 1913.IMG_7669

IMG_7671Three lovely daywear outfits.

IMG_7670Love the cut of this blouse – sailor with a twist. I will definetly make it someday.

IMG_7672Embrodery and knotting designs.

IMG_7676And an ad for a fashionable shaped dressform. “What every lady should own” is the headline. But I do think it is a bit funny that the from is so extreamly S-shaped, and the rest of the fashions in the magazine is more slender straight lined. Guess the dressform manufacturer didn’t quite keep up with the shifting fashion.

IMG_7673Collars and crocketing patterns.

IMG_7674Love the flowery collars, and there even is a litle bonnet in the pic.

The center fold of eye-candy dresses.IMG_7677

IMG_7679Three darling everyday dresses. Perhaps the right one even will work for dinner.

IMG_7678Great hat.


IMG_7681Young misses dresses.



IMG_7682Awsome ridinghabit and picture.

IMG_7685Embrodery letters.

And the final page with childrens clothing.IMG_7687


IMG_7689Young adults/theenagers



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