Allers Pattern Journal 26 jan 1913

and since we’re still on the subject of early 20th century: Here comes another view of my recently accuired “Allers Patterns Magzines”.

“Allers Mönster-tidning 26 jan 1913”.IMG_7643

Close up of front page.IMG_7645All of these dresses looks so comfortable. Even the coat look like it is really easy to wear.

IMG_7646Some knitting patterns and tips.

I just couldn’t resist incluing this add, its hillarious.IMG_7648It tells you about this amazing beverege called “Hunyadi Ja’nos” to get you “bowels movin”, just drink one full glas a day.

IMG_7652And some embrodery and knitting tips.

IMG_7650Take a look at this tapestry of a hunting party chasing the deer through the woods.

IMG_7653Oh those pretty dresses.

IMG_7655Love the draping on the left gowns skirt.

IMG_7654So beautiful.

IMG_7656Contrasting belts, big draping sleeves and trailing trains – heaven.

IMG_7657The right one in light creame and deep reed… drool.

IMG_7658Great shapes on these skirts.

IMG_7660More knitting patterns.

IMG_7661“Suggestions on tapestries”

IMG_7662Childrens fashion.

IMG_7664A litle boy-man with bowler and everyting.

IMG_7665Sailor suits and sweet dresses.

IMG_7666Misses dresses.

IMG_7668Pretty collars and lacing insertins.


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