Past Halloween costumes – Alice part 1

Last year my youngest sister asked me for some halloween inspiration, as she was attending a masqurade party at the university.

We sat down and searched the internet, and came across this outfit.

16814xl“Alice in Crazyland”

We both liked it and decided to make it.

I bought 2 m blue cotton and found some white cotton in my stash. I draw a simple pattern and cut and sewed the dress and apron in one day. I also made a bow headband and bought some white stockings.


Then we whent looking for a stuffed bunny. But time was running out, and no white bunnies was to be found, so I decided to make one.

I found the pattern for this little cutie on the web.

Blog bun 006

And made my own version of it, adding a waistcoat and a clock.


Then we did a quick photoshoot.








By now I’m sure you all think – “Hey, didn’t the inspiration picture show an evil Alice?”

Well, yes it did. And I will show her to you in my next post…

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