2017 – Planing Ahead

As we go deeper into January 2017, its time to plan this years sewing.


This year I did things a little differently then usual (where I just pic ALL the things), because having a small baby really eats away of your sewing time 😉
So, this year I picked All the things I want to sew..

…and then I removed half of them.
All costumes with lots of pieces/decorations/complicated (and time consuming) elements had to go. Sorry, Not sorry.

Then I took a hard and “realistic” (yeah right) look at what was manageable with approx 1-3 hours sewing a week (more, if I could use nap time at its fullest but that’s hardly likely).

Then I took a look at my stash (because after half a year of maternity leave you really need to cut back on the excesses, like fabrics) and added that account into the ekvation.

And lastly I run everything through the eyes of the “Historical sew monthly” and possible events to come, and tried my best to match everything up.

So, after lots of forth and back, here is what i plan to make during 2017:
(Presented through the HSM17 lineup)

 The Historical Sew Monthly 2017:

Firsts & LastsCreate either the first item in a new ensemble, or one last piece to put the final fillip on an outfit.

8b05963d5ee97df4f28e42f9f5f09e09I begun the work on the apron on this fashion plate back in December and it will be both my first entry into 1810-20s (late Regency), and possibly the last piece of this ensemble I can finish this year (even though I would love to make the dress and bonnet as well).
And for the purpose of this challenge the apron will be the first item on this ensemble and the last ting to put on before leaving the home.

Re-Make, Re-Use, Re-Fashion
Sew something that pays homage to the historical idea of re-using, re-making and re-fashioning.

For this one I have two dresses that I would love to re-make to a better fit and perhaps even a better design.

IMG_2031 This 1780s Robe needs to be fitted better over my “new” stays, and perhaps let out a tad in the sleeves.

IMG_0522This 1910s evening gown needs a nicer back closure, and I think it would look better with the draping a bit more stitched down and controlled.

The Great Outdoors
Get out into the weather and dirt with an item for outdoor pursuits.

I’m not quite sure on what to make for this one yet, but I would love to make either a Regency Spencerempire2

Or this 1910s wrap cape.4208693c640de62d4b97f0ac6ec639fdBeautiful, Isn’t it?

Another thing I’m contemplating is to make a 18th century hair decoration to match the brown Robe Anglaise above. fbac9dca5d32b7a9e85ab39e839c26ea 650e2205c62d97b75a2e1ba7ad3e4a16
Something like these two mixed up

Circles, Squares & Rectangles
Make a garment made entirely of squares, rectangles and circles.

1237560510215538790warszawianka_chiton_clothing-svg-hiOn this one I plan to keep it simple with a Greek Chiton or Peplos made from one/two big rectangles of fabric.

I might also get time to make the frilly 1820s bonnet from January’s fashion plate.

– Make something inspired by literature.

Also not sure on this one.
I would love to make a new Edwardian evening gown (if some of my fabrics speaks to me)mode1910-2

Or a green Regency day dress (or maybe a Pelisse) out of a pretty cotton fabric I’ve been sitting on for a few years now.5880ee0d1aa5d43db828e03caa587e55

Or I might just take this opportunity to finish my Robe a la Franchaise (begun in 2014)

The literature reference won’t be hard to find on either of them.

make something in silver, gold, bronze, and copper, whether it be an actual metal, cloth of gold or silver, or lamé.

I was planing on making one of these 1-hour dresses from the 1920s in a lovely turquoise jewel toned fake silk, but now that I read the challenge description again I realize that won’t do.ladda-nedPerhaps I can add some sparkle or a nice piece of jewelry to go with the dress, to make it fit the challenge criteria better.

Fashion Plate
Make an outfit inspired by a fashion plate, whether it is a direct replica, or a more toned down version that fits the resources and lifestyle of the character you are portraying.

Another Regency piece I’ve been coveting for a while is a greek inspired over robe like his one.eveningfulldresslabelleassembleeapril1811

For the rest of the year (Aug-Dec) I want to wait a bit to decide what to do, since life and priorities change depending on sewing time/up-coming events or new interests.

So the last 5 challenges will be decided later this spring/summer.


SeptemberSeen Onscreen

OctoberOut of Your Comfort Zone

NovemberHSF Inspiration

DecemberGo Wild

Here is however some of the things I’m thinking about

A new 17th century evening bodiceelizabeth-capell-countess-of-carnarvon-ca-1665-sir-peter-lely

A 15th century Burgundian gownspinning-women1

A sheer Regency gown to dress up/down depending on occasion. 28187ad2219cb5718f1b8e6e7609ab73

A man’s Regency waistcoatk4202drw

Of course I also plan to make lots of new baby clothes and perhaps one or two modern dresses/shirts for myself.

Lets see what I can get done 🙂

2015 Sewing Wishlist

Apart from the HSM15, I have some (many) dresses and outfits I would love to try to make.

Here are a list of what inspires me right now and what I will be longing to making during the year to come.

(In chronological order) spinning-women1I would like to venture a bit furter into the middle ages, and make another cotehardie and a 15th century gown complete with fur and judiciously huge headwear.

imagesSome cool middle class Renaissance wear can never go wrong.

I would live to dip into the 17th century Mantua, perhaps I even get the chance to make a fountang (stovepipe headwear).

21b6904ef6a12a9a9d65e486ef558bfdMy very own Robe a la Francaise are well on its way (cut and pinned) at the moment. I just need to find the time to finish it of.

Belle-Gugu Mbatha-RawI love to make a version of this french gown from “Belle” for my sister. I allready have the perfect fabric.

28187ad2219cb5718f1b8e6e7609ab73You can never go wrong with a white regency gown, and the dotted organza are already resting in my stash.

3ad5335dc20c22c54afe5c987e858dcaWith so many sheer regency gowns I need a proper bodiced petticoat too.

138389Oh sweet 1830s, the age of hideousness. Maybe I can overcome the huge sleeves and make myself a gown from this decade. The fabric I have in mind are bedsheets I bought this summer.

h2_1992.365_1987.238Huge sleeves needs huge foundations, and a quilted petticoat is something every costumer should have.

7cecaebe88f971dd69274f0852053417I’m dreaming of a 1860s daydress in a vivid color, like blue or purple, maybe this will be the year.

b7c3e7339c6db2a8b8f228465547dffb (1)This 1880s plaid daydress have been on my list since I found the fashion plate last summer. The fabric in mind are a 5 m blue and white upholstery cotton.

de36d7fca49f48a4272d76bb6931b9fdI just love the vivid colors of this flowery velvet. I already have the perfect pattern, just to find the fabric…

Dress of Empress Maria Feodorovna, 1886-87 From the State Hermitage MuseumGorgeous – may be a bit to flimsy for my taste but if I do find the right fabric, I’m soo making this.

8b0a46c24420c10b4df44cadc54494e81880s Christmas party anyone? I love the green velvet against the beige silk and golden trim.

tumblr_ma63cqYBjf1rnhcayo1_500This 1890s-1900s bicycle outfit are both chic and functional at the same time. I think it would be so fun to make and take or a tour through the park.

c20efb17b669326d1a7137197fc52e1cBoth the dress and the cape are fabulous and I want another try at this stylish decade.

 I have no illusions of ever making all of these outfits, but is consider it more like a wishlist and inspiration for the year of 2015.

What are you dreaming of making in 2015?