2015 Sewing Wishlist

Apart from the HSM15, I have some (many) dresses and outfits I would love to try to make.

Here are a list of what inspires me right now and what I will be longing to making during the year to come.

(In chronological order) spinning-women1I would like to venture a bit furter into the middle ages, and make another cotehardie and a 15th century gown complete with fur and judiciously huge headwear.

imagesSome cool middle class Renaissance wear can never go wrong.

I would live to dip into the 17th century Mantua, perhaps I even get the chance to make a fountang (stovepipe headwear).

21b6904ef6a12a9a9d65e486ef558bfdMy very own Robe a la Francaise are well on its way (cut and pinned) at the moment. I just need to find the time to finish it of.

Belle-Gugu Mbatha-RawI love to make a version of this french gown from “Belle” for my sister. I allready have the perfect fabric.

28187ad2219cb5718f1b8e6e7609ab73You can never go wrong with a white regency gown, and the dotted organza are already resting in my stash.

3ad5335dc20c22c54afe5c987e858dcaWith so many sheer regency gowns I need a proper bodiced petticoat too.

138389Oh sweet 1830s, the age of hideousness. Maybe I can overcome the huge sleeves and make myself a gown from this decade. The fabric I have in mind are bedsheets I bought this summer.

h2_1992.365_1987.238Huge sleeves needs huge foundations, and a quilted petticoat is something every costumer should have.

7cecaebe88f971dd69274f0852053417I’m dreaming of a 1860s daydress in a vivid color, like blue or purple, maybe this will be the year.

b7c3e7339c6db2a8b8f228465547dffb (1)This 1880s plaid daydress have been on my list since I found the fashion plate last summer. The fabric in mind are a 5 m blue and white upholstery cotton.

de36d7fca49f48a4272d76bb6931b9fdI just love the vivid colors of this flowery velvet. I already have the perfect pattern, just to find the fabric…

Dress of Empress Maria Feodorovna, 1886-87 From the State Hermitage MuseumGorgeous – may be a bit to flimsy for my taste but if I do find the right fabric, I’m soo making this.

8b0a46c24420c10b4df44cadc54494e81880s Christmas party anyone? I love the green velvet against the beige silk and golden trim.

tumblr_ma63cqYBjf1rnhcayo1_500This 1890s-1900s bicycle outfit are both chic and functional at the same time. I think it would be so fun to make and take or a tour through the park.

c20efb17b669326d1a7137197fc52e1cBoth the dress and the cape are fabulous and I want another try at this stylish decade.

 I have no illusions of ever making all of these outfits, but is consider it more like a wishlist and inspiration for the year of 2015.

What are you dreaming of making in 2015?

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