Regency Apron – Photoshoot

For the photos of my new apron I wanted to try to copy the inspiration print s much as possible, and since I haven’t made the rest of the outfit, I picked some pieces from my existing costume wardrobe that would some what give the right look.

I’m wearing my white regency evening gown, regency stays, cap, fichu, mittens and a few different hats and bonnets (like my green silk 1860s, brown velvet 1840s) for props.














Behind the scenesimg_2436


8 thoughts on “Regency Apron – Photoshoot

  1. I love it!! It looks just like the fashion print. I’ve been meaning to make a Regency apron for several years now, so my question is how prevalent were aprons without bibs in this time period? I’ve seen some prints with and without and I’m wondering which, if either, is better or more historically accurate. Keep up the great work!

    1. Thanks! 🙂
      I honestly don’t know.
      I wanted to be able to use mine in lots of different situations so made it to work for both. But if I would guess i’d say they used bib onces for labor and fancier onces whitout bibs for more fancier things – maybe…?

  2. Hello,
    I wonder if you can tell me how you made your fichu. I’m in charge of costumes for a play of Sense and Sensibility and am trying to figure out if they will be feasible to use on stage. The only time I’ve ever tried to use a fichu (a roughly triangular lace shawl) it would not stay in place and kept “riding up”, so not very practical for the stage. Can you offer any advice?

    1. He he funny you should ask.
      For this photoshoot I couldn’t find my regular fichu, so just grabbed some cotton voile and stuffed down my cleavage :-).
      But they usually are squares (folded) or triangles hemmed all around, and put on before the dress.
      I usually pin them to my stays with 3 pins (one under each breast and one at the back) when I do events and dance recitals – just make sure your partner don’t prick themselves ;-).
      For theatre I would probably use a few small pieces of velcro or buttons (depending on how quick the changes are) strategically placed in the dress.
      Best of luck to you.

  3. You are too cute, my girl!!! I love your work and now with your little babycakes, how you find the time is beyond me! Do keep up your good work on doing and showing your costumes and how you make them. I really appreciate your hard work.

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