Theathre: There once lived a Drama Queen

Even though I haven´t had enough energy for sewing lately, I´ve been working hard in some other aspects of my life.
Like work.
We just came out of a really stressful period with two big premieres in only one week, so while I cool down (and take some much needed rest) here are some pictures of our latest productions:

“There once lived a Drama Queen”

Is a humorous kids play about two time travelers from the future who´s set on destroying every last emotion and lingering feeling in our time – because, as they say, “Feelings are an un-necessary human appendage”.


But they did not anticipate the arrival of Mz Drama “The worlds last Drama Queen”.


The journey which starts with the hunt to destroy feelings…





Soon ends in a storm of laughter, anger, hysteria, sadness, love and tears.


I think this play has such an important message (especially in this cold world we now seem to live in) that we all need feelings to be human, and that it might not always be easy, but it´s much better to have them then being cold and emotionless.
And above all, that we should never be afraid of showing them.

“Rose Rose Rose” and the Stage Biennial

In Sweden everyone working in theater know about the big Stage Biennial which take place every other year, and gathers the industry for a week of intense lectures, theater plays and party’s.


A year in advance a jury select the 15-20 best plays from everything that’s being performed right then.
And this year our play “Rose Rose Rose” was selected!


We were so happy!

It’s a great honor to be selected and every theater awaits the result with both hope and fear – since being chosen also can be a hugely expensive and inconvenient since you need to once more build, rehearse and then move the play to the city were the Stage biennial is hold.


So after weeks of preparation behind the scenes, the actors was called in to one week of rehearsals before packing the scenery into the trucks and leave for the Biennial.

Once there the technicians put the whole thing back together in just one day, then the actors did one final rehearsal in the scenery, me and my office girls decorated the lobby for the audience, before it was time to start the show.     IMG_0919The lobby pimped and ready.

IMG_0923My o-workers awaiting the audience just minutes before the show’s about to start.

Everything went perfect, and everyone loved it. We even got quite a few nice reviews in the paper.
IMG_0929My boss, and the shows director giving a toast after the play.
(Guess who prepared, bought, carried and handed out all the bottles and candy…. yep, me)

After the first show, everything just ran perfectly, and we even had time to watch some of the other shows plying, an of course attend the party.

scenkonstbiennalen22-1024x682Actors at the afterparty

IMG_0934Me and two of the technicians chilling whit some beer.

We did watch a lot of plays during our week, but it was one in particular that really stuck with me. X-affisch-lr“X” or  “Swedish History X” by Unga Klara.

The play was awesome, fun, tragic and horrible all at the same time.
Addressing the sometimes dark past of our Swedish history – from race biology, to slavery and not helping refugees during WWII. It also draw very scary and true parallels to us living today in a not so tolerant and nice country as we sometimes would like to think.

Performing this play for teenagers (as it’s originally meant to do) is so important –
Let us never forget our past so we can learn from it to change the future.

x18th century “pigs” holding court.

Then we did some more partying 🙂

IMG_0933Jenny and me at the last nights party.

After months of preparations, and a week full of last minutes fixes, plays, seminars and party’s, I was pretty tired and spent the whole weekend in bed, before heeding back to the office at Monday morning to prepare for the last weeks of evaluations, cleaning and finishing of before summer.

Theatre – “Revolution”

The second play I’m working with this spring is”Revolution” (Read about the first one here)


It’s a play about family, friendship, love, growing up and the search for ones own person.
But most of all its about hair.
_06a7261The three sisters, have grown up so close to eachotter that they are almost the same person, even their hair are braided togeter in one long braid.

But the oldes of the sisters feels trapped and want’s to find her own way. _06a7203_0

So one day she pics up the scissors…_06a7471

Once the hair is cut, there is no turning back.
She ends up at a hairstudio, with one very exentric barber (and two hilarious barber sidekicks)._06a7622

But does she really want to cut away her old life _06a7601

_06a7837_0Sisters skipping rope with “Friend”

_06a8370Stage-fight a la “Kill Bill”

I really like this play, and the crazy cartoonish look of the caracters. _06a8017

It’s got lots of good reviews and publicity, and I defenietly think it erned it. So if you happen to pas through Linköping/Norrköping in the next month or so, you should deffinetly come se it.

I’m so lucky to get to work with so many talented people everyday.

Theatre – “True Colors”

This spring I’m working with two awesome plays, made buy awesome people, in the best possible theater there is.
Here are a quick glimpse of the first one:
true_960x480_webb_0It’s a monologue, played buy the fabulous Anja Rajic’, right now on tour in classrooms all over our region.
_06a5595The play is about a teenage girl, Laura, who needs to deal with her school, homework, dancing lessons, food control and life in general.
And of course her overprotective mother…_06a5867character of Mother

…and boyfriend…_06a5918character of Boyfriend

And the fact that her parents refuse to approve him because of his color._06a6162_0

The play uses quick changes in lighting colors, moods and characters, Salsa dancing and the enormous dress to tell the story of  family, racism, growing up…._06a6005

..and most of all love_06a6268“You know, Angels are in both our religions, Christians and Muslims, they guarding over all of us…”

Theatre – The Ground’s on Fire

I must confess I’m a bit reluctant to post about our other play for this season.
Not because I don’t like it, but because It’s been a bit of a media storm around it – and not in a good way.Marken Brinner (2)The poster for “The Grounds on Fire” (Marken brinner).

If you been anywhere near a Swedish newspaper the last month, you probably read about it.
I wont’t comment on it, but instead just show you some picture and a quick synopsis of the plays theme.


The play’s about racism and structural un-justice from the view of the oppressed. The actors on stage give voices to the words of the people living on the edge of society.




Markenbrinner_4 bildspel
photos: Marcus Gårder


images (4)

images (3)The miniature of the scenografi.

marken 4Some of the banners the kids in the audience helped invent.
We got lots of great ones like: Stop Racism everywhere, Every flowers a different color, All Love is beautiful and so on.

marken mot rasismOur banner “ung scen/öst aganist racism”

images (2)“Do you really whan’t to mess with me…”

Theatre – The Hidden Archive of my Heart

One of the plays I’ve been working with this autumn are
The hidden archives of my heart” (“Mitt hjärtas okända arkiv”),
which is described as “a poetic office drama” about people in the last stages of un-employment (Fas 3).

Affisch-bild arkivet

(This “Fas” is the last resource for the employment service to get people working, by hiring them out to anyone who’s got the most un-necessary chore to do. The new boss gets lots of money from the employee service for “giving people work”, and the new employee gets less the minimum wage and a frustrating job with useless chores that don’t even needs to be done.

_06a0048The two characters “the Despaired” and “the Poet” meets in a dull office environment, and soon their different ways to view the world begins to expand and change.

_06a1141 “Wheres does Mount Everest begins?” asks the Poet, and throws paper confetti in the air to simulate a snow storm.

_06a1087Everything seems fine until suddenly a crazy salesman enters the stage, desperate to earn some money by selling his vacumme cleaners.

_06a0622“Let me just show you really quick how this vacuume-cleaner works…”

And from there anything can happen…_06a0940

_06a0984_0Photos by: Marcus Gårder

The play are written for kids ages 10-13 and despite the heavy subject and adult world they love it.
I love it too.
It is such a complex and sad story, about adults who never will get a “real” job but are stuck in a world of
un-employment, loneliness and desperation.
But it is also very, very funny.

The actors (Stina Von Sydow, Ludwig Bertling Wiik and Martin Waerme) does such a good job both charming the kids, and portraying the characters, that you leave the theater feeling really happy (but also a bit sad). Arkivet nyprem1 hour till show, time to get the hair just right…

Theatre: A Dream (about) Jobs

hemsida_framsida_enjobbdrom(a work dream)

This spring I have had the opurtunity to work with a delightful childrens theatre about work.

hämta (1)Martin and Maria are both dreaming of different ways to live there work lifes.

untitledThey argue about everything (Maira dreams of a free life were you can do wathever you like, while Martin love the idea of order and everyone doing there work properly).

But what if you get sick, or can’t get a job? What then?_06a9821_2“It’s so boring to work”, “yes but It’s so boring not to work to”…

hämtaUtopia, where everything is great and you love your life and work.

Here comes a short story I call: “A day in a tour conducors life” 2014-03-27 07.57.57I start early every morning to stow the car, ready to go when the actors arrive.

After unloading the car, finding the right teacher and classroom, its time to get all the technology in order – connecting the speakers, lights, computers and making sure everything is ready for the show.2014-03-28 13.07.28

Then we get outside to great and welcome the adiuence (to there own classroom…)IMG_1329[1](Thats me in the uper right corner).

Then the show starts.2014-02-18 12.59.15

Maria get all the children to join her in the strike, while Martin tries to show how stupd and silly it is to “refuse work”.2014-03-28 12.35.14Streik

Then it all develops into some kind of wounderful golden dream of “No one hves to work if they dont whant to”… 2014-02-18 12.41.36But even that turns out to be a dream when the lights suddenly goes out…

Afterward the actors and me has a “show and tell” for the kids, where they can ask questions to the actors, take a closer look at the costumes, lighs and quilt. IMG_1333[1]I’m usaly the main attraction, since most of the children loves the colour-changing lamps, and loves to see how it is done.

Afterwards the actors relax, while I clean the room and packs away all our stuff…2014-04-25 09.47.18No I’m kidding – they go and wash up, then they help me get all the stuff into the car again.

1174727_10152292280403958_417595018_nThe main ensamble + a  work-buddy who assisted as a usher at the childrens festival where we played.

I loved working on this play. It was so fun and the actors was great – we had a blast every single day.

Sadly I just recently had to quit the touring job.

But I still get to se them, since I got a job as a temp. production assistent at the theatre – which means I now not only got to keep track on one play – but the whole theatre. (yikes)

Theatre: Rose Rose Rose

imagesyA rose is a rose is a rose…

This spring we have had one of my favorite theatres for young adults playing at my work.

Sadly it did finish playning last week, so if you missed it – sorry.

It is a play about girls…imagesjg…played by boys.

It’s about so many things concerning a young girls life, thoughts and the confusion of growing up.

This is whats it’s all about:


…Embaresing mothers, and akward situations…ROSE_U~1



…Hopes and broken dreams…imagesCA0R49G7 (1)“The star project”

…Eating disorders and drugs…_06a6115

…More boybands…imagesCAARJG6Z


… And thinking no one understands.imagesjhgf

The three male actors (Ashkan Gods, Krister Kern and Elya Birman) are so great as the  insecure girl Rose – the girl who lives (or once lived) in all of us.untitledhfg


Overload of Theatre and Running

This weekend have been stuffed full with lots of great and exiting things, but have also left me totaly drained. (I’m just hope my sewing spirit will return soon, so I can finish the two dresses I’m currently working on).

My busy weekend begun thursday morning, when I got on the train to attend a “Childrens theatre festival” called Bibu, with my work colleges.

We arrived at lunch, checked in to the hotel, then emedetly grabed our tickets to go watch the first show on our full schedule. During this and the next day, we wached aboyt 8 theatre shows, hosted a seminarium (inkluding a book release), and attended the last night party. No wounder I’m exhausted.

We saw some great shows, some realy strange ones and some, which didn’t manadged to wow us at all. I will not tell you much about them, but here are some pictures of the plays we watched.

Drömställe” (Dreamplace)xoq2fgxt6r56qitfwtgh A high scool, clown play about refuges and freedom. By: Clowner without borders.

Faunan och Jag” (Me and the Fauna)fnya8ixffvi5hw7atj1wA kids dance show about animals and the nature. By: Mina Crocks Dance.

Lillan och Pappa August” (child and daddy August) agenpj2uv7oemghbduq2A kids play about separated parents and childs play. By: The city/marionett theatre

Utopia” (Utopia)xw2d6isgivepqegpwke5 A high school play about drugs and alcohol. By: Backa Theatre.

Krimradio” (Crime radio) 644x429(ByWidth_CutTopBottom_Transparent_True_False_Undefined)Another high school play about drugs and crime – this one performed by the narators themself. By: Backa theater.

Les Moutons” (the sheep)z9n5tbz5eq1ev068bqw7 A smal kids play about sheep. By: Corpus.

Den unge Verters lidande” (The suffering of young Verter)Örebro-länsteater-Den-unge-Werthers-lidanden-foto-Daniel-AnderssonA high school play about love, despair and literature. By: Örebro länsteater.

This next one, I saw about half a year ago but was also performed at the festival, so I thought I include it as well.

Författarna” (The writers)IMG_1126_liten_A high scool play about society, anxiety and friendship. By: Unga Klara.

We also had the time to se one of the towns most beauitful place.

The old fortress in the midle of the city shopping street. DSC_1413Beautiful steps up the look-out, once used to watch for invading Danish ships.

And when you get up the staires – a huge watch-tower.DSC_1416

The view are spectacular (much better then I could capture in this picture).DSC_1417

I even manadged to snap a picture of my colleges coming up the staires.DSC_1422

After two days of intense theatre I took a early train to Gotenburg, where I meet my boyfriend and sister – who were both preparing for the anual runners competition.

The weather was great and there were people everywere….DSC_1433About 60 000 runners with entorage had gattered in the big park for the event of “Göteborgsvarvet” (Gothenborg city run), 21 km running through the city.

Some runners right before they pas the starting line.DSC_1430

2013-05-18_12.08.10The streets were packed with runners and on-lookers, and the mass of people continued for 6 hours.

I however, spent the day cheering, walking around the market pace and relaxing with a book in the gras.DSC_1432

DSC_1434My sister right after finishing the race – she dosn’t even look tired…

Then it was time to get on the buss to go home. After 3 days away, it was realy nice getting home to my own bed again.


Dracula – student theatre

2 years ago, during my university time, I joined the student theatre group as shared costume designer.

That years play was “Dracula” – a humorus story about the infamous transylvanian count and his “friends”.

The first step as the costumer desiger was to do some research of the original story.

vlad_tepes_big-x01Using this well known portrait from the 15th century, of the “original” Dracula – Count Dracul, as inspiration.

12I drew a design sketch, and got to work.

CIMG6144I made a coif using some red felt, and 3 pearl necklaces. Unfortuanly the hat got lost before the premier, so the actor never got to wear it.

IMG_0749 (2)He did whoever get a big furry cape and lots and lots of lace frills.

IMG_0882Fighting with the always unfortat mr Jonathan Harker.

13The servant “Reinfied” is a dark, crazy and creapy caracter.


IMG_1014Dressed in torn clothes, dirt and spiderweb.


IMG_0865The caracter of “Illusion” is only real in Reinfields head and tells him to do a lot of crazy things.

IMG_0961-(1)The ladys Nina and Lucy.

IMG_1520“Lucys” dress is a simplifyed version of a Victorian bustle dress.

Unfortanly I had already moved back to my old town when the play premiered, so I never got the chanse to help finish or even watch it. But I’m still pretty proud of the result.