Theater seamstress in training

In January 2012 I finished my last course in school and moved back to my hometown. Pennyless, unemplyoed and bored I decided to make the most of my newfound spare time and learn more about sewing and costuming.

I contacted my nearest theater atelier and begged to be taken in as a no pay trainee. They agreed, cleared a table for me, and let me stay on for 6 months, doing all the things the other tailors and seamstresses did.

I had such a good time and learned so much working in the atelier. I got experience from sewing and all the other things going on around the theatre.

Sadly I was working all the time and did forget to take pictures, but here are the few that I did get and some I found on the internet.

6797180018_978a5fe247The pattern drafting room

ImageHandlerkgNewspaper picture on “open House” day. My workplace was right where the two ladies stand, opposite to the awesome young tailor cutting some organdy for the never ending neck ruffels.

imagehandlerjgAnother article of a really great tailor, covering the cartoon figure Bamse in new fur.

ImageHandlerlhgThe costume supervisor showing off a wonderful 1930s velvet robe.

ImageHandler kjghEveryone’s working hard. I’m the one in the background to the left (between the young girl and the beam).

kostym_farliga__mediumCostume fittings with tailor and costume designer squeesed in to the fitting room.

7298564A fraction of the costumes in the storage.

2012-09-07 08.47.53A polar bears head waiting to be styled with glitter.

2012-09-07 15.32.56Who wouldn’t like to be a dancing, singing and sparkling polar bear…?

Thanks to all the wonderful tailors and seamstresses for really letting me in to your team, and never holding back on your incredible knowledge.

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