Past Halloween Costumes – True Blood

Halloween are without doubt my favourite holiday, unfortunaly we don’t celebrate it here in Sweden.

The wounderfuly decorated houses and creative costumes that’s been seen in the US are never seen here. Even though the celebrations have started to grow a bit these past few years, it still have a long way to go in my opinion.


So last year when I got invited to a halloween/birthday party I tought long and hard of what to make.

I decided on one of the coolest evil television caracters right now: Lorena from “True Blood”.

I always loved her outfits and style, and decided to make the white ruffled blouse and little black skirt she wears when being staked to death in the series.

img-thing lorena


I made a simple halter top and sewed the ruffles on to it. Then I dripped and painted faux blood on it.

2012-10-25-22.31.49I bought a slim black skirt and some stockings with a contrasting black seam.

I also decided to take the look down a bit and didn’t use either fangs or bloody tears on the face.

2012-10-27-21.59.07A pic from the party

And the photoshoot…IMG_0446





Dracula – student theatre

2 years ago, during my university time, I joined the student theatre group as shared costume designer.

That years play was “Dracula” – a humorus story about the infamous transylvanian count and his “friends”.

The first step as the costumer desiger was to do some research of the original story.

vlad_tepes_big-x01Using this well known portrait from the 15th century, of the “original” Dracula – Count Dracul, as inspiration.

12I drew a design sketch, and got to work.

CIMG6144I made a coif using some red felt, and 3 pearl necklaces. Unfortuanly the hat got lost before the premier, so the actor never got to wear it.

IMG_0749 (2)He did whoever get a big furry cape and lots and lots of lace frills.

IMG_0882Fighting with the always unfortat mr Jonathan Harker.

13The servant “Reinfied” is a dark, crazy and creapy caracter.


IMG_1014Dressed in torn clothes, dirt and spiderweb.


IMG_0865The caracter of “Illusion” is only real in Reinfields head and tells him to do a lot of crazy things.

IMG_0961-(1)The ladys Nina and Lucy.

IMG_1520“Lucys” dress is a simplifyed version of a Victorian bustle dress.

Unfortanly I had already moved back to my old town when the play premiered, so I never got the chanse to help finish or even watch it. But I’m still pretty proud of the result.