Outlander Photoshoot

As soon as the last piece was finished, I took my new “Outlander” costume out for some photos.
My fiance helped me, and I must say he did a splendid job both photographing and keeping up the good cheer.

I’m wearing: My new 18th century woolen jacket & skirt over stays, petticoats, bumpad and chemise. And a modern knitted shawl, linen cap, knitted mittens (which where gifted to me by the lovely Helena – Thanks again, I love them) and a basket for accessorizes.


















12 thoughts on “Outlander Photoshoot

  1. Nice, very much like in the series – believable if not historically accurate, and that is sometimes good enough on screen (I must say I couldn’t stand the modern chunky knits in it though – what’s wrong with wearing a fishu? 😉 ). I like that you wear a cap with it, sets it off nicely.

    1. Yeah, and since I went for he look of the series i opted for a modern knitted shawl to (and I’m not the one to pas up on wearing a fishu 🙂 )
      The cap is a necessity for me in almost any historical period (modern haircuts just look so wrong) and I do like that it ads a bit more accurateness.

    1. Thank you!
      The series is quite good if you like historic dramas filled with masculine men, nudity and a superhero female protagonist (Yes really – how else does she know/remember everything she ever heard or read). 🙂

  2. Very nice. The only time I miss cold weather is when I’m costuming! I adore this outfit and would totally make my own version but there’s maybe one week a year when it’s chilly enough where I live for all of that wool.

    1. He he, talk about luxury problems 😉
      The day of this photoshoot was also quite warm (for the season) and the knitted shawl didn’t help the overheating, but for a winter event I would love to wear it (although I guess I then will need some extra padding for warmth).

  3. Both the ensemble and the photos are so so lovely! I just started watching the show and you have captured the essence of the costuming very well. The results are beautiful! You are inspiring me to get out some wool and make an “outlander” outfit myself 🙂

  4. This is absolutely amazing! I’m especially impressed that you made your own stays! I’m a beginner/self-taught with sewing and I’m trying to make my own costume for the local Highland games in July. I think I can easiky handle a basic shift, petticoat and cap. Little more work with a basic bedgown. But NO idea what I will do about stays… Great job!!

    1. Thanks 🙂
      Yeah the stays can be a bit tricky. But with a good pattern and lots of patience and time they are not that hard – just time consuming. Just make sure to do a propper mock-up before starting on the real deal.
      And if you find yourself out of time for this summers event you can always just make a boned stomacher and leve the stays for next time.
      Good Luck to you, I’m sure you will do great 🙂

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