Halloween inspiration

It’s that time of year again…

When ornaments crowds the shop windows, the candy flows freely, the candles are being lit and everyone waits in anticipations…
The best time of year is finally here…


I’m sure most of you seen lots of pretty Victorian and 1910s fancy party costumes,
but here are a few new to me, (and some old, that I just love to much not to show).

Perhaps this can inspire some new fancy Halloween costumes.

dd2061fd7be5fcf38d88b732979d910bMy absolute favorite pic (I have it both printed and framed in my sewing room, and printed on a fabric bag which I love).
1920s Arabian Night, whats not to love.

2b593b2aa9b8649cb426b67ef6bf617bGamer, geisha or (?) green flower.

993ab443e6d58b0d32b13c5970495e8eVictorian goes 18th century, regency and gypsy.

aa1eb115706d0e1d226c5ad71b0e74e8More gypsys, Egyptian and a housemaid.

247c9ffbb277c2d4ac98d2ae67dcfaf3I’m not sure what this two are suppose to be, but a Victorian woman in pants must be shown.

df783ced3204fa201cfd883f34bc54deLove the Edwardian Cleopatra, and the harlequin costume looks almost wearable as it is.

1b2b5fe4b8ab9d9eaeed9e472b481974A few costumes for the young adults. Why not dress as a patriot, a shepherdess, a housemaid or a which.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASpeaking of witches, another one from about 1880s.

59c244a5908beeea572531a3778cfbc7And the real deal.
They really did the witches better back then, don’t you think…

acb746d36605d0f85e436aa772a6b9f0A greek column/dancer/goddess

6ea21172eed9fb477866b6deb9c72c6eI’ve seen lots of these clown costumes around, but I don’t get it – is there something I’m missing here? Why are they so popular?

tumblr_lqaii8xFyZ1qidnqfo1_500The Victorians really knew how to dress up in costume.

189d9470d98253465eb198c654238a3bAnd the Edwardians wasn’t that bad either.

49f285805c8945379276d7d16ac9c322Good to know that (evil) costuming parents existed back then too.


7 thoughts on “Halloween inspiration

  1. In the plate with the lady wearing the pants, I think the lady on the right might be Spanish, wearing a black lace mantilla. Maybe the two are in folkloric costume!

  2. Fantastic post, I love how far back in history the fun of dressing in costumes persists. Totally winning designs!! Thank you for sharing these fabulous pics!

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