Robe a la Turque – photoshoot

OK, first I feel I need to apologize to anyone who might be offended by these past posts very non political correct use of the word Turque.
I’m sorry, and please know that I do not mean anything by it, but simply uses the word as a name of the Turkish influences in fashion and society in 18th century.

And here are some pics of the outfit now known as “Robe a la Turque”















7 thoughts on “Robe a la Turque – photoshoot

  1. “Robe à la Turque” is a french expression, wich means “Turkish style dress”…
    I didn’t know that “Turque” was offensive in english, in french it just means Turkish people or thing. Good to know !
    And very beautiful work, as usual ! 🙂

    1. Thanks for the translation 🙂
      In Sweden we are usually very good at not making distinction between peoples origin/gender/sexuality, and the Swedish word “turk” (Turkish) are not a word well brought up people use.

  2. Just a question, how do you call the folk of turkish people?
    Wich name do the swedish poeple give them?
    Btw, I love your blog. I enjoy every single post.

  3. Just a question, how do you call the folk of turkish people, wich name do the swedish people give them? And why do ‚well brought up people‘ do not use the word ‚turkish‘, the turkish people call themselve ‚turkish‘. So what is wrong with
    the word ‚turkish‘? And why do you make a ‚turkish‘ costume and do party ‚turkish‘? And why do you use the word ‚turkish‘ when this is bah for the swedish people?
    I find this all pretty irritating, and I‘m waiting very curiosly for your answer.
    I don‘t mean that in a bad way, I‘m just interested in…
    Btw, I like your blog very much.

    1. Hi!
      Thank you for your comment.
      I ve actually been thinking a bit about this these past weeks, and the only defens I could come up with is “it was several years ago, when we didn’t know better”. That is not a god enough excuse. I’ve been trying this past years to educate myself on all the harmfull way to portrait history and race with Orientalism, Coloinsm ect., and I think it is about time to take these post of my blog, since I wouldn’t want anyone to read them and think it is OK to “party” like that.
      I’m not sure If I should take it all down and just “pretend it didn’t happened”, or if I could/should make an apology of some sort. What do you think?
      And the Swedish word for a person from Turkey is “Turk” – But many of us don’t use that word since it have taken on a racist meaning. We more often use the term “a person from the middle east” – which is only slightly better.


      1. Hello, thank you for your answer. I apreciate it very much😀.
        Ok, the turkish people doesn‘t care for how you name them, their only interest is to overtake our beautiful countries, and our governments want them to overrun us.
        I don‘t know why.
        All these pakistans, afghans and other moslems (muslim) causing huge problems
        you can see in England, France, Germany (I‘m from), and as well- in sweden.
        And this is not racism, our governments wants to tell us, this is pure realism.
        Our justice allows moslems, by permission of our government, calling us Germans ‚potatoes‘…
        As you can see, this is pure scorn against the German folk.
        Please don‘t delete your both posts.
        You are doing all right, and needs no excuses.
        You picture parts of your history in a charming and beautiful way.
        I love this…

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