Re-working the Edwardian Brassiere

Lateley I’ve been bothered by the ill-fitting brassiere I made last week for the HSF 5 challenge (bodice).

And since I’m curently working on a dress to be worn over the brassiere, I figured I needed to take the time to re-work it.


IMG_6639 IMG_6644

The brassiere needed to be let out a couple of cm in the sides, shortened at the waist and lowered both at the armcykles and neckline.

So this weekend I grabbed the seam ripper and got to work.

I started by removing most of the bias tape, and the boning.IMG_6654


Then I cut the new neckline, armholes and waistline. IMG_6647

The side seams was being let out a bit, and I needed to make some additional bias tape to cover for the new and longer edges. IMG_6656

Then I shortened the boning and finishing of by sewing the bias-tape back on.

IMG_6657But it does look very nice. There are to much fabric at the top neckline.

So I tried it on.IMG_6671And pined away the exess fabric.

IMG_6677The shoulder straps need to be adjusted – re-shaped and shortened.

There was noting to do but to start ripping out the bias tape once more.






It is defenetly not my best work, but at least it does what it is supposed to.

The whole procedure took about two-three hours, but together with lots of over time at work, it unfortanly left me with only one week to start and finish my entry for the next challenge…



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