Edwardian Corset Cover

When the HSF challenge 5 – Bodice was announced I had no idea on what to make.

But reading about some of the other particapants ideas, gave me one of my own.

I have needed a corset cover for quite some time now – somehow a modern tank top don’t feel quite the same, even though I must say it does do a good job.

So I went searcing for inspiration, finding this in one of my costuming books.IMG_6433Corset Cover ca 1917.

I decided to try to make the one to the left.

And drew a quick pattern sketch.IMG_6441

And scaled it up.IMG_6442

Then I cut the pattern in paper and tried it on my dressform.


Using a nice cotton voile I cut the pieces.IMG_6450And stiched them togheter.

Putting it once more on the dressform, I tought it looked rather big.


So I decided to take out about 8 cm in each side, thous making it more figure hugging.


The next thing needed to be decided was what kind of trim I wanted.


Deciding on a couple of rows of the narrow trim, I pinned and stiched it on.IMG_6498Backside view.

Then I sewed the buttonholes and stiched on the buttons.IMG_6500

IMG_6497On the floor.











Just the facts:

Challenge: 5 – Bodice

What: A 1910s Corset Cover.

Pattern: Drafted my own.

Fabric: 0,5 m of cotton voile.

Notions: Thread, 8 buttons and 4 m of narrow lace,

Historical accurate: So so. The lace is polyester and the buttons are plastic, but the fabric is accurate. And I think it is to slim to really look accuarate. 5/10

Cost: Les then 100Sek (16 Usd)

Time: Way to long. About 8 hours.

First worn: I only tried it on so far, but hopefully I get a chanse to wear it at a Suffraget lunch in may.

Final thoughts: I regret taking in so much of the widht in the sides. The cover is very tight on me as it is, and I would have liked it to have a bit more space and drape at the front. I’t does look pretty though.

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