“Foxhunt” School Project – part 3

The day before me and my sister was supposed to do the photoshoot of the “Foxhunt” Collection, I got it in my head to try to get some more pieces in to it.

So I decided to finish the mock-up for the breeches, thous including them in the Collection. They were already half finished, and only needed the lining, the buttons and some decoration. Sewn in a plain cotton fabric in a lovely green colour.

I also dug up my 1780s corset from half a year before.

grön okDesign sketch: Flowery corset and green breeches.

This corset was one of my second attempt at the 1780s pattern from Salens “Corsets”.IMG_6104Wise from my previous attempt at the pattern I decided to only use it as a guide in drafting the new pattern.

Not historical correct at all, but I still think the flower design looks great (and a bit kitch) on the front piece (and matching back piece).2012-07-10 19.39.19

2012-07-10 19.39.06The boning layout, using plastic cable-ties.

The corset turned out pretty good, and I frekvently use it in my costuming. If you been reading my blog Before, you might recognize it from some of my previous posts.IMG_6184Draping a robe Anglaise.

IMG_1922Photo from “1750s Layering“.

And worn together with the rest of my “Foxhunt” pieces.CIMG6554Where did the boobs go…

And at the photoshoot.korsett-o-byxa


IMG_1303 ok

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