“Foxhunt” School Project – part 1

Last year I attended a class in “Pattern Constuction”.

For the final exemanation we where suppose to make (pattern and sew) something to challenge and push ourself. We would have about a month to design, pattern and sew the item.

And since I always make womens gowns I decided to try my hands at some menswear.

I really like the late 18th century style and decided to try to recreate something like this right one.hämta

I used this fashion plate as my inspiration.images (1)

And drew my own version of it.rockenok

Since I don’t know anyone who would like a coat like this (and no, I wouldn’t even think of asking my boyfriend), I decided to make the costume to my own measurments.

To keep to the original ideá of a mans coat, I used a mens pattern from “Costume Close-up” by Baumgarther, and altered the shape to fit my somewath more womanly figure.img312

I used a lovely brown wool with a nice strong but shapeable feel to it, and decorated it with lots of self covered buttons and suttage ribbons. (And since this was something I made before my blogging days, I sadly have no construction photos).

When the coat was finished I had 2 weeks left to deadline, and being me, I emedatly started working on a couple of other clothing items to make a mini collection.IMG_5997 (Don’t worry, I will show you everything soon).

Finished outfit2013-01-14 13.01.04Coat, waistcoat, breeches and hat.

I decided to name my collection “Foxhunt”, and the day before the deadline, me and my sister went outside to take some pictures.








8 thoughts on ““Foxhunt” School Project – part 1

  1. I’ve told you before (Sysidan =) but I have to tell you again that I really love this outfit! The colours work so nice together and everything looks beautiful on you!

  2. Do you have any specific things you changed in the pattern to make it better for the female figure? I’m thinking about doing the same, with that pattern, and if you have some advice that would be great.

    1. I drafted the pattern from scratch using my measuments (taken while wearing a snugg sports-bra).
      While fitting the mock-up I discovered I needed to add som extra width att the hips, and take out a smal > at the center front bust-point in the pattern (called V.I.M – Tuck in pattern, in Swedish).
      Other then that It fit quite good.

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