A Cherry Blossom part 2 – Traveling Suit

When the underwear was finished (A Cherry Blossom part 1) It was time to move on to the “real” garmnents.

I decided to make traveling outfit for the caracter of Anja. She and her family rides the train to get to their country estate, and I thougt it would be fun to create a ensamble to wear while traveling.

blusA design sketch of the shirt.

blus o hatt produktteckningAnd a construction drawing of the shirt and hat, including fabric notes and details.

I used a nice cotton satin for the shirt and did pintucks, buttonclouser and lace decoration. Blus stråveck (2)

blus fram hängandesThe finished shirt.

I also bought some modeling clay (cenitlera) and sculpted some bees for the bee-broch being mentioned in the play.bi-brosch i lera

For headwear I bought a hat on an online auction.hatt innan

Which I sprayed with silver paint and decorated with ribbons, lace and feathers.hatt silver omonterad

Then I continued with the outer layer of the costume.Resdräkt

resdräkt produktteckningConstruction sketch with fabric and stiching notes.

I drafted the pattern on my own, and used a purple cotton twill for the skirt and jacket.tillklippningCutting the pieces.

Then I decorated them with silver lace and buttons.

kjol fram kjol bak

jacka fram jacka bak

resdräkt hängandes

And then I asked my sitster to model the clothes.DSC_0071(She is wearing the shift, corset and bustle from my last post underneath.)










CIMG4110And a silly shoot.

Anja-ResedräktMy final costume design.

This outfit would be more than enough to conclude the shool project. But since I’m a bit of an over-achiver (if you haven’t noticed), I also decided to make a balgown for the caracter (which I will tell you about next time).


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