A Cherry Blossom part 3 – Evening Gown

So, when I finished the Traveling suit (and underwear) for the school project back in 2010, I decided to also make a balgown for my caracter (Anja in “The Cherry Orchade”).

I found this pretty gown on the internet and used it for inspiration.far1

balklänning produktteckningTechnical drawing of the gown.

Anja-BalklänningAnd my costume design sketch.

I bought a white lightweight cotton fabric and some grey lace, and began the sewing.

This was way before I started doing historical costume so the pattern making and construction are all totaly modern. I just did what I could to make it look historical. The costume is a two piece – skirt and bodice, with additional costume pieces added at the end of the proces to make it look even more historical.

The skirt is made out of three pieces (front, side and back), where the front is draped to the lace-covered side piece.

kjol fram kjol bak

It closes with snaps at the side, hidden behind the lace.kjol knäppning öppen

The bodice is laced up the back using gromets, and are stiffened with bones in every seam. It also have decorative stripes of lace, and a smal peplum at the back.

liv framliv sidan

liv bak

The night before my sister was coming for the photoshoot, I decided to use the last pieces of fabric to make a seperate draping to hide the bustle beneath the way to see-through skirt. I also made a bow of the lace and added it to the back for contrast.

Then I dressed my sister in the gown and had her model it.













DSC_0278And a silly shoot.

Considering my very limited knowledge of historical clothes at the time, I think I manadged petty good with both the underwear, traveling suit and the balgown. But there are some things I would defenetly change if she would ever whant wear one of these costumes again.

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