Big planes for an unsinkable ship

This spring I got news that the world touring “Titanic exhibition” was coming to a city near by.


I immediately began to dream of going to the exhibition in a costume. I have never been to any other event or fair dressed in costume, but just thinking of dressing up in 1912 fashion and walking amongst this incredible old things preserved under water seemed too good to pass.

I contacted the 19th century costuming group where I’m a member, and suggested a collective trip (but didn’t get a “go” before this week). I then started to plan my outfit (ok, dresses had been dancing in my head since I first saw the ad), lookin through all my costuming books and the internet for inspiration. I went through my fabric stash to see what I could come up with, and then I searched the web some more.

I needed to make all pieces of clothing for this one, since I have never done anything early 20th century before. Thank god I had already started on a 1910 corset for a later HSF challenge.

I also managed to get one of my sisters interested in going – and of course she needed a dress too.

So with less than two weeks to go until the exhibition I’ve got two whole outfits to plan and execute – including headdresses, bags, and underwear. Why do I never learn…


So after some heavy thinking and fabric searching (both in my own stash and in stores) I came up with two doable outfits for the exhibition.

My sisters dress was the easy one: she is quite a little princess – so what else than an evening dress fit for first class, a bit like Rose’s dresses in the movie Titanic (1997).

Rose's Dinner Dress“Dinner dress”

jumpgownactual“Jump dress”

I love the sheer black net/chiffon over the dark red colour of the underdress. It looks so luxurious and tasteful at the same time. That’s why I didn’t hecitate when I found this fabric for only 29 SEK per meter (3 EURO) on a sale in my local fabric store.

2013-06-24 10.26.05(the blue stripey colour is from our sofa, and not in the fabric)

A lightweight black tulle with black and silvery flowers.

I also got this lovely wine coloured viscose to match.

2013-06-24 10.21.27

And together…2013-06-24 10.22.16 Look how perfect the dark red goes with the black and silver in the tulle. (and the picture does not do it justice).

The pattern for my sisters dress will be Arnolds 1909 (probably the most reproduced dress ever) evening dress.

2013-06-23 20.27.19

To save time I decided that she didn’t need a corset for this one (she’s got a 1880 corset since before that will do for now). And since this will be an evening dress – she doesn’t need a hat, just a haircurler and a grecian updo with this lovely hair-comb that I got on sale last week.

2013-06-24 10.20.37

When it came to my dress it got a bit harder. I wanted to make a daydress and use fabric that I already owned.

This green fabric with decorative stripes that’s been in my stash for over two years will be perfect for some less exclusive day wear.

2013-06-24 10.24.20

After lots of searching the internet for suitable dresses I finally decided to use the green dress in the picture below as inspiration, but to make some changes to it. I will probably lengthen the sleeves a bit to fit the strict standard of skin exposure at this time. Perhaps i will even make some neck-insertion to cover up the hint of skin in the neckline.


I will also need a corset and chemise (wich I already begun for the 15. HSF challenge).

For shoes I will use the Astorias that I ordered from “American duchess”  as a birthday gift for myself two weeks ago.


For the hat I’m thinking of buying a straw hat and then trim and decorate it to match the dress.

For gloves, bags, jewelry and stockings I will have to go with less than perfect alternatives that I can find in my (or my sisters) stash. There is only so much you can do for your first costuming event.

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