Victorian Bustle

Combined with the HSF challenge nr 13 I decided to make a victorian bustle. After all I had about two days to complete both the bustle and the challenge piece before the photoshoot.

And in case you wonder why I’m constantly in a “last minute” rush before the photos is to be taken – it is for a purpose. I deliberately set the dates for the photoshoots a bit too tight for me to finish the intended garnment. If I didn’t, I’d just make something new up and be even more stressed out to get even this new piece finished before the shoot. So a bit stressed and one night of crazy sewing before each shoot is better than super stressed out and several nights of crazy sewing.

To get back on track – I just added a bustle to the pieces to be done in two days time (see – too much time left).

For the pattern I used The American Duchess bustle pattern and tutorial.

LTbustle basic pattern

Here are the picture of her finished bustle.

lobster bustle 12-30-12 (1 of 2)

I used a “dusty turqouise” cotton twill, and some black ribbons (to match the challenge piece). I quickly sewed it up, put in the steel boning and tried it on my sister…

…and it looked horrible.

2013-06-06 17.56.21

It was way too big, and didn’t look neat and pretty at all. I tried to pin away some of the excess fabric at the sides but it didn’t help.

So I picked up my cutting tools and cut off 20 cm off all of the metal boning, then I sewed the bustle together again and made it much smaller than before.

And this time it looked just right.

IMG_3092This picture is from the photoshoot me and my sister had of the HSF challenge 13, which I will tell you more about next time.


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