“Foxhunt” School Project – part 2

For my school project last year I made a 18th century Collection called “Foxhunt” (Part 1).

When finished with the coat I started on the pants – A pair of mens breeches, using the pattern from Costume Close-up, and this picture as my guide.breeches-silk-18th-century-part-of-a-wedding-suit-from-the-ham-house-collection-surrey-national-trust

byxor okDesign sketch – Breeches.

I bought a light colloured faux sweade fabric, wich I fell in love with on the rack, but hated long before finishing the pants. The fabric was the devil, and totaly hopeless to manuver into the sewing machine, and harder still to hand stich.

The front opening on the pants was also hard to figure out while patterning (and to sew). But it did end up looking great, and the self covered buttons, jeans buttons and, sweade ribbons I used realy cooperated to make a pretty whole.

And I do love the look and the fit of the finished breeches, so I guess it was wort the work.

Then it was time to deal with the waistcoat.

väst okDesign sketch – waistcoat and green breeches.

I used a gold/yellow upholstery fabric I found on sale, and cut the pieces from the same pattern as the coat – only a tad smaller, and without the sleeves. For the back I used brown polyester lining, and the buttons are self covered in the golden fabric.

Fisnished outfit.2013-01-14 13.01.57I’m also wearing: A re-shaped feelt hat, the shirt for my national costume, neck-cloth, stockings and my folk dancing shoes.

And at the photoshoot.IMG_1111

IMG_1096 ok




vänta 2

When the whole outfit (coat, breeches, waistcoat and hat) was ready, I had abot 2 days left until the photoshoot.

And  you know I can’t resist making some more items when I got such a massive amounth of time on my hands (ehm… Yeah, right).

So I decided to do a corset to complement the look.

korsett okDesign sketch: Corset and breeches.

Using the leftover golden fabric from the waistcoat and the 1780s corset pattern from Jill Salens book, and all my spear time, I manadged to get it finished in time.







IMG_1253 ok“Foxhunt” cover pic

And if you thought that was it, you are wrong – well kind of. I will show you the rest of the collection next time.