Shoes on a Bargain

I follow quite a few historic groups on facebook, including a great “Buy and sell group” for people living in Sweden.

About two weeks ago I found the best ad ever.

A pair of American duchess black “Kensington” in my size, for about half what it would have cost me o order them over seas.
They even came with “Valois” shoe buckles.

I’ve been dreaming of adding a pair of these to my growing historical wardrobe. So I hurried and snatched them up.

A few days later they arrived.

20150221_11231220150221_112321Looking so pure and perfect.

So, last week (while preparing for my “Redingote photoshoot“) I got ready to attach the buckles using the tutorial from AD-homepage.

AD-valois-shoe-bucklesPic from American Duchess site.

Using a small awl to make wholes in the tongue for the buckle. 20150221_112254

I had a bit trouble to get the buckle to sit nicely without making the tongue pucker.20150221_112113

Since I didn’t wanted to put to much pressure on my new shoes I practiced on my well used white 18th century shoes.
Yay, it worked (with some mild force and determination).

IMG_5723I’m so happy with my new shoes, and love them to death.

Fluffy Fur Hat

As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been obsessing over beautiful fur garments for the last two months.
And more precise – fur hats.


IMG_7628My main inspiration.

55eb1db763c32622c1d3742f588bb547Russian fabulousnes from the latest version of “Anna Karenina”

So, in the days after Christmas I dug a piece of left over faux fur out of my stash, and got to work.IMG_2835

I cut the pieces for the hat in fur, cotton batting and linen for lining.IMG_4842

Then I hand stitched the ends of the rectangle together,IMG_4848and attached the circle shaped crown.

When pinning the lining in, I realized the bating made it to bulky, so I decided to remove it.
Then I stitched the linen to the fur and turned it right side out.

The finished hat:IMG_4934






The Facts:

Pattern: N,one – I just drew one rectangle and one circle a few cm bigger then my head measurements.

Fabric: 0,3 m of faux fur and the same amount of linen.

Notions: Thread

Time: About two hours

Cost: Basically nothing. The linen was leftover scraps, and the fur have been in my stash for a year and a half just waiting to be used for some winters stuff.

Final Thougts: This was such a fun, quick and easy project. I would love to make some minor modifications to the pattern and then make several of these hats and sell (I already have a few interested buyers…)

18th century Lacy sleeve cuffs

For the HSF nr 19 – HSF-Inspiration (draw inspiration from any of your fellow HSFs items), I decided to make a pair of 18th century sleeve cuffs.

I found a 6 m long piece of lace in my stash, and decided to use it for this project. I originally had some much more delicate lace in mind for this project, but I couldn´t find any I liked in a reasonable enough price range.
So the white lace it is.

IMG_1670The only problem was, it was too white.

After some debating with myself, I decided to try to tea dye it.
And so I did.IMG_1669The salt´s for setting the color.

IMG_1671Cooking away on the stove. 

IMG_1675Rinsing the leftover color out.

When dry, the lace was in dire need of some ironing.IMG_1792

Then it was time to start on the cuffs.
I decided to use two different kinds of lace, using the middle one as extension on the second layer on the cuff.

IMG_3138So I stitched the edges of the pieces together, creating different sized circles of the lace.

then I gathered and pined the pieces together.IMG_3140But then I realised that once the extension lace was gathered into the bias tape, the cuffs would be too puffy.

So I decided to trim a piece of the longer lace to get a more modest gather to start with.IMG_3144The bottom piece are the one cut of.

Then I pinned the second layer to it.IMG_3152

And finished of with the bias-tape.

And Finished:IMG_3245



Just the facts:

Challenge: 19 – HSF Inspiration

What: 18th century lace cuffs.

Inspiration: Erin Lee´s 19th century lace cuffs.

Pattern: none, I just gathered and stitched.

Fabric: None.

Notions: a total of 3 m of cotton lace, 60 cm of bias-tape and thread.

How historical accurate: Not particularly. But I did take what I had at hand, and if that´s not period then I don’t know…
They are completely hand stitched, and hand dyed with natural material. Maybe 5/10.

Time: 4 hours including the dying.

Cost: 50 Sek (8 Usd)

First worn: I hope to wear them on an up-coming costume event this november.


Steampunk accessories

I’ve been chipping away at lots of different costuming stuff lately.
But the things most outside my usual sewing zone, are the pieces I’ve made for my up-coming steampunk outfit.

IMG_7059A clock I bought on sale this spring.

 I’ve been loking through lots and lots of pictures on the internet and there are som much incredable talent out there. I can only wish to somedsay be able to create something as beautiful.

Anyhow, here are the items I did make for this costume.

I had this cheap bag who I wanted to turn into something steampunkish.IMG_7058

Using this inspirational picture I got to work.steampunk_bag_by_krammelnira-d5qazu1

IMG_0111Gatering my materials.

Since I didn’t had any leater in my stsh I decided to paint the wheel on my bag using golden craft-paint.IMG_0113Then I glued some gears on it using my regualar fabric glue.







My next project was to get that super cool looking steampunk gun.steampunk_nerf_gun_by_fencesmakegoodnebors-d324it0No, not this one – this is my inspiration.

Following some tips on the internet I had bought a cheap water gun. IMG_7056The materials used.

I started by sanding the intire gun down.
IMG_0106 IMG_0107after.

Then I sprayed it with copper craft paint, making sure it was compleatly covered.IMG_0109Letting it dry over night.

Then I painted it with my gold, silver and brown paint, and glued on some gears to make it even more steampunk looking.








Well, not perfect, but two quick, simple project that will do a lot to enhance the look of my outfit.

New (and old) Costume Stuff

Latley I’ve been re-discovering the faboulus world of online auctions. And have, and this should come as no suprise, now added a bit to my costuming accessories.

So today I thougt it was time to share my findings.

Lets start with something form the regular stores.

Two sunhats bought at different clothing stores for about 100 Sek each.IMG_7072The black one has recently been transformed to my Edwardian picture hat, and the beige one will become a regency bonnet once I’ve got the time to deal with it.

This smal bag is ment to go together with an outfit/costume I’m not yet finished with.IMG_7058(Can you guess what it might be….)

And so is this old styled chained watch.IMG_7059(Still no idea on the costume?)

Lets give you a last hint….

A plastic water gun and some acrylic paint. IMG_7056 If you still havent figured it out, I guess you just have to wait untill summer when I will reveal the (hopully) finished costume.

I also got some black earings, a flowery headband for 1850s evening wear, and some cool looking stockings to be worn with some Edwardian dress.IMG_7077

Here are some stuff thats been in my stash for about a year (but I wanted to include them anyway).IMG_7337A black lace fan, and lace mittens, both used in my “Camille photoshoot“. A black feather headclip, a plastic rose, and one of the above earings now turned into a brosh.

Lets start with my trift finds.

A smal umbrellaIMG_7338 with lovely wooden colour and Japanese inspired paintings.

IMG_7344 IMG_7340


I also got this smal embroderied handbag and earings (clip-ons), both claimed to be from the 1950s. IMG_7909I don’t have the knowledge to judge, but I think they look lovely, and I’m thinking of using them for some early 1900s fashion.

And just the other day the package with my 3 new  “Allers Mönstertidning”  (Allers Pattern magazine) from 1913s arrived.2014-04-17 15.59.06(I will give you a closer look of these magazines in some of my up-coming posts.)

Giveaway Mittens

A couple of weeks ago I had my very first giveaway.

Thanks to everyone who particepated. It was really successful and one lucky winner got a pair of hand made mittens.

getimageInspirational Picture from The Mets

A bit late, but I manadged to finished them last night and now they are finaly on their way to their new home.

I used the pattern from “Costume Close-up” and made it a tad smaler since the mittens was supposed to be size S/M (this is something I also did on my original white/green mittens).img311

For fabric I used a nice linnen/cotton blend with a nice stretch to the bias. IMG_7096

For linning and the coloured decoration piece I used regular cotton fabric.IMG_6645Cuting out the pieces.

I started the assemely  by basting, and stiching the folding of the center gore.IMG_7095

IMG_7097I used two differnet coluor cotton thread on this project – the white for internal seams and the blue for decoraional stiches.

I made the thumbs (sewed them together, felled the seams and decorated the top).IMG_7090Then I sewed them on.IMG_7100The inside/backside.

IMG_7101And from the outside/front.

IMG_7132Close-up of internal stiches. I think they look pretty ok.

When the tumbs and all of their decoration was done it was time to sew the mittens together. Then I trimmed and felled the seams, and hemmed all the edges.IMG_7134

IMG_7141In and outside of the mittens at this stage.

Then there was only the last decorational stiches left – on the top and bottom edges, and the three little rows on the backside of the hand.


Finished Mittens:






1880s Evening Accessories

When attending a grand bal you do need some more stuff then a beautiful dress.

Yes, today we will discuss accessories.vintage fashion accessories for lady

This is what I will be wearing (besides from the gown).

A pair of ivory opera glowes. They really should be made of leather but what do you do, atleast they are in a nice syntetic style which don’t look to shiney and plastic.IMG_5231

The mandetory fan. I was looking at big feathery ones,but they where either in the wrong colour or way outside my pricerange. So I will get yet another use out of my ivory lace one. IMG_5221

The shoes will be my American Duchess Kensingtons, decorated with some leftover fabric. They are about 100 years to early, but they are both comfortable and in the right colour so they will have to do. Besides, I will be wearing long skirts.IMG_5218

As a bag I plan on making my own “reticule” out of some leftover fabric from the bodice, but I haven’t started on it yet. I’m thinking something like this. prd1780-633669255943370361

As outerwear I will be re-using my brown velvet cape (it will be the 3 outing). IMG_5212

And maybe some shawls, and neckpieces depending on the weather.


I have decided not to wear a necklace (because of the style on my dress neckline) , but are thinking about some earings and maybe a brosch in the front neck.

Hm, I need to think a bit on this. But the victorian motto is “More is More”, so I may just have to take some time tomorrow away from my busy sewing schedule for shopping.