Behind the scenes – updates

This spring I’m initialing some changes to my page.

The first step was the namnchange, which I’m sure you’d noticed by now.

Also I’m going to get better at changing up the “Header” picture, once in a while.
I currently have 10 new ones, that I’m dying to show you…

The second bigger change is going to be the “Shop” section of this page.

I’m currently working on some stock items that would serve as the base for my costuming business
(can you say 18th century Anglaise or Regency Evening gowns).
This will take some time to sort out though, but soon you’d be able to purchase your very own dress/costume right here.

To give you a feel of what’s coming, and of what it takes to get one item up in the shop – here is a quick behind the scenes of the “Fashion through Herstory” headquarter…

My name is Åsa and this is my one* person business Me, writing a blogpost while still wearing a Spencer mock-up I just fitted on myself…

*I do depend greatly on my two sisters (for photoshoots among other things), and my boyfriend for support.
And could not do this without any of them.
And of course my soon to be 2 year old son for all the “Help” he gives me;-)“Look mummy! Your button box fits perfectly on my head…”

If you’d ever sewn anything yourself you know there is quite a lot time and thought in every project.
For me, almost everything starts with drafting a pattern (either from scratch, or combining different ones to a new shape)20180410_120346_resizedThen I cut and stitch the garment. Cutting several garment at the same time to save some time.

If it is intended for someone special I also make a mock-up to check the fit.20180410_131327_resizedTesting a paper mock-up over the right undergarment to see the over all fit.

Adding lace to a 17th century headdress.

Once the garment is finished, I mount it on one of my dressforms to take some Product shots.IMG_8089

Then it’s time to call in the cavalry to get help with the photoshoot.
We usually try to photograph several pieces at once, with multiple dress-changes and a lot of planing (like “who’s wearing that petticoat when?” and “Which hairstyle need to be photographed first?”) behind.
20180417_104557_resized18th century hair for my sister.
I’m also getting pretty used to making crazy hairstyles 😉 
20180417_122326_resizedMaking sure everything fit as it should, and that the boobs are properly pouffed up 😉20180417_122419_resizedMe photographing my sister – once that done it’s her time to take some pics of me/my dress.IMG_8326Among about 300 photos I then select about 10-15 to be edited and uploaded to this page.

So even though I’ve been sewing and photographing for a few months, It’s still going to take some time to get everything up and running in the shop.

The third thing I’m working on for this page is to update the “Portfolio” – both with my new stuff, but mostly to re-arrange and make the page more user friendly.
I’m going to chop it up into more easy to view portions, and take a good look at what I’m preenting here altogether.
NamnlösA new page for early history-Medieval times.

I also plan make a page for “Tutorials” and “Tips & trix” – like “how do you best make those eyelets?” and “You used what?”IMG_1639Please do tell if there is sometinmg particuar you’d like to learn more about.

Finally I’m going to start the cumbersome work of updating pictures and adding sorces to my old blogpost.
(This might be seen as a work in progress for a long time, but I’ve been far to lax with stating sources and saving links to other peoples work, and I really want to remedy that).

I think that was that 🙂

Now back to my sewing and usual posting.

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