Welcome to my shop!

Here you can find the pieces currently up for grabs.

I will continuously refill this page with new stuff, so be sure to come back even if you don’t find anything today
Also – keep an eye out on my facebokpage for occasionally Flash SALEs

*Please note that all items are hand made by me and one of its kind.
To keep the prices low, much of the sewing is made by machine and sometimes in syntetic or re-used fabric.

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Regency (1790-1830):

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Other Eras:

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How this works:


Do you take custom requests??
Usually not, but send me a request and I’ll se what I can do

I would like to purchase one/several of your items – how do I do that?
To purchase any of my listed items simply fill in the form below.
I will then get in touch with you and we decide on the best way to proceed with the purchase.

Is it possible to rent your costumes?
In general No, but depending on costume (Not fragile, no adjustments needed and so on) It might be possible.

I have a Coupon/Sales code (or similar) – How do I use it?
Simply put your code down in the “message” when you’r filling in the form below.

How do I ask a Question about an item/piece in your shop?
If you have any questions about any special piece please email me at

Where are you located & can I try some of your items on?
I’m located in Sweden/Linköping, and it is not possible to do any fittings or try pieces on from any other location than my home.
But if you’re willing to come to me, we can set up an appointment.

Which countries do you sell to?
I do sell (and ship) world wide, but you (the customer) will have to pay the postage and any additional fees that might occur regardless your location.