1690s Mantua (HSM 9/2017) – Photoshoot

With the dress finished a good month before, I finally got all the components (photographer, babysitter, day of work and nice weather) together for a photoshoot in early October.

For the location we chose (as so many times before) the park and creak right outside my home, including our parking-lot (super fancy, right? :-D).

I’m wearing the 1690s striped Mantua over the corresponding skirt, my 18th century stays, chemise, 2 small bumpads, quilted petticoat, an regular petticoat, stockings and Kensington shoes.
I’m also wearing a quickly made “Fontage” made from lace and cotton scraps pinned to my 18th century cap, fake curls, a pearl necklace and a peacock-feather fan.
The belt is just a piece of navy velvet ribbon pinned in back and the under sleeves of the chemise is fake, and made from  pieces of cotton voile and lace gathered and tacked to the sleeve cuffs.

Photos by: Maria Petersson

Behind the sceens:Last fix-up in the elevator


8 thoughts on “1690s Mantua (HSM 9/2017) – Photoshoot

  1. So gorgeous! I love seeing the whole outfit put together in this photoshoot and you look stunning!! I absolutely LOVE this!

  2. this legit makes me want to make a mantua! My problem is I don’t know much 17th century music… I can always learn it though. GORGEOUS work, as always, you did a stunning job

  3. That little cap/hat what ever you called it is so cute. This photo shoot is spot on you look great as usual. I would love to ba able to pull things together like you do. Keep it up love the construction details you give helps me in my journey of sewing.

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