19th century Day with Dance-recidal

It’s been more then a month since I attended the 19th century day “Vid pumpen” in my citys old town, but I haven’t got around to write about it until now. So sorry for the delay, but here it is now.

In the beginning of June (the day after the big multi historical picknic) I put on my Regency attire for a day in the 18th century.
I would ratter have worn something else from this century, but since I was to participate in the regency dance recidal I feelt it would be to much work to change. So I wore my green striped regency gown pared with turban, fichu and mittens.

We started the day with a course in historical dance. Then we moved on to attending a dress-class hold by the wounderful Sofia J (webpage), about the dress and layers of a fairly wealty 1815s lady.IMG_8885Love all the grabbing hands looking at seams and clousers of her dress.

Then it was time for our dance recidal.IMG_8914




IMG_8906Ankles showing! Oh my…


 Then we gattered at the square to do a quick “show and tell” of our costumes.IMG_8941

Here follows some pics of some of the costumes of the day.IMG_8965




IMG_8956Two dresses made by me from the same pattern.



IMG_9002My sister wearing her “Cherry Blossom” travel suit.



IMG_8929I love this picture!

Then we did some group shots.IMG_8972All the attendans att the “Vid Pumpen” 19th century day.

IMG_8987And just the dancers.

IMG_8989And one pic with me and the guys.
(If you didn’t notice in the dance pics – I was dancing the gentleman part for the day.)

Then the other participants headed of to dinner, while me and my sister went home to get some much deserved rest after two full days of historic costuming and dancing. (But we did take the time to do a litle photoshoot which I will post about next time).

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