Book Review – Everyday Fashions 1909-1920

I’m currently in some kind of early 1900s mood, preparing for an up-coming event this weekend.

So I thought it would be great to tell you a bit about one of the book I own on this period.

Everyday fashions 1909-1920 – As pictured in Sears Catalogs by Joanne Otan.

IMG_7927The name says it all – it’s a fashion catalouge showing some of the most promenent styles of the 1910s.

IMG_7931It contains lovely evening dresses,

IMG_7932as well as pretty separates,

IMG_7936and of course some comfortable day-dresses for wearing around the house.

IMG_7939I love the sections on underwear, and used this pages a lot when creating my own early 1900s wardrobe.

IMG_0787Like my 1910s underbust long line corset.

IMG_7941And just recently, when making my new corset cover.

IMG_64771910s corset covers.

IMG_7930I also want to recreate on of these petticoats and bust ruffles one day.

IMG_7946Thera are also several pictures of fabulous jackets and coats. Perfect for those chilly spring evenings.

IMG_7942Horse-race someone?

All the diferent kinds of dresses in this book was great inspiration and help to me, when making my 1913s walking dress.IMG_0562

I also really like the childrens sections of the book.

IMG_7937So many dresses for the girls (oh, if only I had a reason to make these).

IMG_7934And sweet sailor suits for the boys.

And we must not forgett about the gentlemen.IMG_7944

Bathing suits are big this year (at least in my part of the costuming comunity.)IMG_7943I do think I pass on this one…

IMG_7938Accessorize with belts, girdles, handbags. And for the men there are plenty to choose from regarding ties and bow-ties.

IMG_7935Lovely shoes.

IMG_7948And who do not love some fancy hats and watches.



Guess this did’t turned out qute like a real review. I couldn’t even give you any cons :-).

Anyhow, I do really love this book, and thinks everyone intersting in early 20th century fashion should buy it.

It is such a good inspiration and gives such a clear visual of the transistion in fashion between edwardian curves and the new 20s flair.

It’s a great book to own and to use as reference for what people realy wore at the time, for anyone who loves historical fashion. And it’s part of a series – so you can collect them all.



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