A New Year of Sewing

So now we have seen what I made in 2013, but lets now think about what I want to make in 2014.

Here comes list of things I’ve been thinking about making this year.

*I already know I’ve be attending at least one wedding this summer (and will not be suprised if there will be a few more) for which I need to make something to wear. So a couple of summer and party-dresses will definetly be on this years list.

*I wanted to make a jacket/coat like this one in 2013 but did not find the time, so hopefully I will be able to make it this year.

2012-10-06 14.01.54

*And come fall I just know there will be some faboulus Halloween costumes.

*And I’m dyng to make this dress from “True Blood”- the only trouble is finding the right fabric.


*I will continue the historical sewing this year and have once again accepted the challenge of the HSF14. And there are quite a lot on that wishlist…

(most of these pictures are only whishes and inspirational, and not the finished design)

Maybe this year I will acctualy start on a renaisance gown…10340_20 I really like Tudor England.

Lady_with_Apple_1527But Germany/Flanders are beautiful to.

And I’ve heard some ladies talk about making 17th century Mantuas, and of-course I want in on the action.h2_1991_6_1a,b

And it seems I could never get enough of the 18th Century. Love this Ridinghabit from “Festive Attyre“.8312358697_ce6e37752b

And this jacket from “Marie Antoinette”
cream3I’m dying to make myself some outerwear or ridighabit, and even got the fabric for it. But its so hard to choose just one.

1423_mediumI got almost that exaxt fabric – so maybe it’s time to make myself a francaise.

25_xl_AC04236And this is the style which my “sports Vs sewing” dress will be modelled after.

1454_mediumAnd this one is just so Lovely.

imagesThis dress has been on my whislist for a couple of years and since I got a 6m of White/green striped cotton on sale maybe this year is the year it will happend.

bw21And as many other seamstsses out there I think this dress from “Sleepy Hollow” is stunning – maybe for halloween…

untitledI also think it is time to extend my Regency wardrobe. Ths year I think I will go with a white muslin dress and an open robe in any colour.

2922460163_61fd26c808And as I already got the fabric for a huge 1850s dress this one is also on the list. Perhaps also with a matching evening bodice…

39.384 0002I totaly adore this gown (and bought a faboulus golden brockade on sale just before christmas). It will defenetly be one of my first big projects of this year.

Dress-silk-1887-White-Howard-Co_25-W_-16th-St_New-York-Met-358x500And since we already are on the subject of  late 19th century, who can resits some colour-ful daywear.

5024_side_viewTimes 2.

995254_791052380911322_1484548453_nAnd maybe some turn of the century frilly white dress.

moulinred1Oh, and for evening wear – the red dress from “Moulin Rouge”. Love it.

tumblr_m9ebbiQMJ11qa0f2qo1_500And I do think it is time for me to be a litle bolder in my costuming choises, so why not try some steampunk.

This is just some of the dresses and outfits I would like to try my hand at this year, And then I haven’t included foundation garmnent and underwear. (probably my planes will change a hundred times over, but in a perfect world (with lots of time, money and costume parties) this is what I would make).

*And I’m sure I will contiue to add items to the list from both sibblings, costumers and most of all: myself.

What do you have in store for this year?

5 thoughts on “A New Year of Sewing

  1. So Much! Also planning a post, after my exams (22 january). Want to make a 1760 wardrobe, but dosn’t know how to tackle the stay. Wishing for a stay sew along!!!

    1. I’m pretty sure I will not compleat all of these dresses this year, but a girl gota dream…
      I’m looking forward to se some of yor plans as well.
      I also need a new pair of mid 18th century stays, so we will have to se if and when that will happend.

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