New Years Dress 2012/2013

Since I didn’t had the time to make something new for New Years eve this year I will show you the dress I made and wore last year instead.

Early on I knew I wanted to make a dress to wear to the New Years party, so as usual I searced the internet for inspiration. I found this dress, and figured I make somwthing simular.


I bought a turqouise and black shimery fabric, and som black lace in my local fabric store and got to work drafting a pattern.


Deciding on a few changes from the original I made a sleeveless dress with a heart-shape in the front, and a flaring wide skirt.


In the back there is a visible silver zipper.IMG_4488

The bust era are interlined and boned with several pieces of rigeline and made to fit snuggly to the body.IMG_4489

A also made a sepearte lace shirt with long sleeves and a opening in the neck.


The neck are edged with bias-tape and closes with a button.IMG_4498

And the look togheter, and with a black belt added.



Then I made my sister take som photos of me out in the snow.blä 040

blä 034

blä 081

blä 044

blä 118

I really like this dress and thought about wearing it this year too, but decided not to since the company would be the same.

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