2013 Round-up

This past year I’ve really been sewing a lot. I actually think this would be the year when I made the most clothes and crafts ever – including my 4 years in fashion/sewing school.

Basicly I think the most of my sewing inspiration this year have ben due to the HSF challenges – which not only made me whant to make stuff, but also made sure I did finish them in time.

So lets do a round-up of all the little things I’ve manadged to make during 2013.

The Historical Sew Fortnightly:


1770s CorsetDSC_0362A corset and petticoat for my sister who been wanting one for ages.


1580s Corset and Shift2013-03-01 14.33.57Blackwork emelishments on a shift. I also made another shift and the gold/brown corset to be used under a planed renesance dress.


1550s Peasant Gownpump-ståA peasants costume containing a red kirtle, a brown apron and a white coif.

Regency Gown and AccessoaresIMG_1539Regency dress in pale green, and some accessoares like white mittens, green turban and a sheer fichu. Worn to “Mickelsmäss” Party and dance show.


1930s DressIMG_2035A Sailor dress in green/white cotton, and a straw hat to match.


1780s GownIMG_2421A Robe a la Anglaise in flowery polyester sateen. The dress was a pain to make but it did turn out great (dress construktion part 1, part 2.). I also made the Bergere hat and had a photoshoot of the dress.

1770s GownIMG_2664The white/blue flowery Robe a la Franchaise to go over my sisters corset. And the pictures from the photoshoot.

1760s  Skirt/PetticoatDSC_0096This skirt/petticoat is so useful. I’ve worn it under several other dresses – to get some extra bounce and for warmt, and it even looks pretty on its own.


1780s Chemise DressDSC_0369A Chemise a la Reine inspired by the princess Lamballe. This dress is so comfortable and easy to wear it’s a shame I only have worn it once (yet) (to a picnic,) apart from the photoshoot.

1880s UnderwearIMG_3092A late victorian Corset and Bustle for my sister. We had a blast taking photos both Historical and Punk-Victorian.


1910s CorsetIMG_0814A early 1910s corset made to be worn under some Titanic era dresses.

1913 Day DressIMG_0640A 1913 Daydress and hat made to be worn at the Titanic exhibithion. I also made a pattern for this dress.

1913 Evening GownIMG_0522A 1914 evening gown in pistage green organza.



1750s EnsambleIMG_1594A 1750s striped Pet-en-l-air jacket and a gold colored skirt, worn with a cap/hood in sheer cotton. And pictures from the photoshoot.


Regency CorsetIMG_2396I really needed a real Regency Corset to use during a “Jane Austen” dance performance.

Medieval GownIMG_3600I made this outfit for a Medieval Fiest in November. It contain a Green Medieval Gown in thick wool, a pair of beige woolen Faux Sleeves, a fur trimmed brown velvet Cape and a white linnen Headcoth. And of couse pics from the Medieval Photoshoot.


1840s Day DressIMG_4195A 1840s dress used at a 19th century Christmas Party. The Dress is a green cotton plaid, worn with a cotton Apron and a brown velvet Bonnet. And pics from the 1840s Photoshoot.


1900s Suffragett outfitIMG_4593A 1900s shirtwaist re-modeled from a modern blous and a skirt in cotton twill, worn with a golden chain and brosch to make a Suffragett outfit.

And thats the re-cap of my HSF13 items.

The total amout count as: 5 Corsets, 3 Chemises/Shirts/Blouses, 1 Bustle, 6 Skirts/Petticoats, 10 Dresses, 8 Hats/Headwear, 1 Outerwear, 7 Accessoares.

Omg! How do I ever do anything other then sew…

And then we have the other clothing items of this year.


1780s MenswearIMG_1115Brown wollen coat, golden pysley west, beige faux sweade breeches and a re-shaped wollen hat. All made as part of a school project. (not yet posted about)


1780s UnderwearIMG_1731A golden patterned corset, white petticoat and bumrole – made as part of a school project. (not yet posted about)


Regency UnderwearIMG_1678A regency chemise and half stays to be worn under the regency gown. (not yet posted about)





1910s Evening GownIMG_0391A 1910s evening gown made for my sister to wear at a Titanic event.

Mother of the bride dress 2013-07-21-20.16.25A dress and jacket made for a costumer to wear at a wedding.



1930s DressIMG_2032A dress made from a picture of a girl living in the house in the backround. I made the dress as part of a exhibithion of the houses and how people lived in the 1920-1930s.



Medieval GownIMG_3444A dress sewn to my sister in about 10 hours, for a Medieval party.


I think thats it.

Not to bad for one years worth of work.

Looking at it I realise that the only month I didn’t produce an intire outfit, is August – where I didn’t made a thing. But actually I did. I worked on the movie Huldra all August and made lots of things amongst several medieval inspired capes, some sheer flowy skirts and dressses and lots of repairs and aleration to existing garments. But non of that would have looked fancy enough in the countdown…

Well, I do plan to continue the sewing into next year, even though I think I need to reduce the pace a bit (and not keep going at this crazy speed).

Today was about what’s been done, tomorrow (or next post) will be about whats coming (hopefully) in 2014.

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