A month ago I got asked to be part of the dancing entertainment on a event the local historic museum were arranging.

So this weekend (29 sep) I got my regency clothing together and hurried to get to the “on spot” rehersal.

I curled my hair and tied a shawl as a turban, then I attached a brosch and some feathers to get the right regency look.


I hurried to lace my brand new corset, put on the petticoat, stockings and mylovely “Kensingtons” shoes from American Duchess.


Unfortanley I didn’t have the time to find some ribbons to replace the shoe buckles with. Although 20 years wrong in the time period they do look beautiful.

The dress I wore was the HSF Striped regency gown, matched with mittens, fichu and an shawl.

The dinner went well, and the dancing even better, with lots of on-lookers and applaudes.

And now for some pictures:

IMG_2211Ladies inside warming themselfe before the dancing.

IMG_2210Our gentlemen

IMG_2218Outside, listening to speeches after the dancing. (sorry for the poor quality photos – It was quite dark by this time.)


IMG_2227Talking after the dance.

IMG_2231Anna, looking lovely in the dress she made herself for a prevous event.

IMG_2240The whole group

IMG_2243Solveig, Anna and Sievert.

IMG_2244Me and Solveig. I made both our dresses this past year, from the same pattern (Reconstructing History nr 838).


IMG_2249 I found it exiting to notice the differences between the dresses and the way they look being worn in two different ways.


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