Crazy Hedgehog wig

It was about the same time as I started doing historical costuming, that I for some reason decided to cut my long hair off. It is not something I regret on a day to day basis but every once in a while (mostly when it comes to historic photoshoots) I would really like to have my long hair back.

Well not much to do but to buy myself a wig…

And penniless as I am, I settled for the not so perfect cheap stuff from an internet shop dealing in masquerade costumes.

I picked the pretty “Marie Antoinette” wig in golden (not wanting the white one), knowing very well that it would never look totally like a historic “pouf” – but It could hardly be worse than my own boyish looks…

It looked so pretty in the picture, but what I got was a horrible mess of plastic hair that would never ever pass for a historical hairdo. I even got so disappointed that I forgot to take a photo of it, but just threw it back in its bag and then into my costuming box – never wanting to see the horrid thing again.

But after a couple of days I took it out, thinking that maybe it wasn’t so bad after all, and maybe I could fix it up a little.
So I cut the silly pink bows off it, and tried to pin it to something slightly similar to a pouf. But no, it was no point in even trying – so down in the box it went again.

It wasn’t until I read the blogpost of the faboulus American Duchess and how she was making experiments on the exact same wig, that I finally got the courage to re-do my own once and for all.

I wouldn’t say that mine look exactly like the duchess’s wig (hrm). In fact it is not even close, but I think my wig does what I want, and for a first try it is acceptable, and after all I only paid about 11 euro (100 SEK).

2013-05-07 11.41.08

2013-05-07 11.41.02



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