Grass-green quilted petticoat

For the 11th challenge on “The historical Sew Fortnightly” – Rectangels – I decided to make something quite simple. I’ve been so busy and stressed lately with my previous (over achieving) dresses, so I needed to take it a little easy this time.

So what will be more simple and fit the theme more then a quilted petticoat.

I bought some lovely green pre-quilted fabric from my nearest fabric store – I know it is kind of cheating to use pre-quilted fabric but I just didn’t have the time to hand-quilt (or even machine-quilt) a petticoat on my own this time.

I used “Costume Close-up” for directions on how to cut the fabric in a historic fashion. Staying true to the book I started with a rectangle, and sewed the back seam together almost to the top.

2013-05-25 16.23.48

Then I hemed and faced the skirts inside with a plain green cotton weave. I took some basic measurments on the length and cut the excess off at the waist.

Then I did some math to calculate the depth of the pleating to fit the waistband. I pleated and sewed the waistband on to the skirt. Then I finished off with some hooks and eyes.

2013-05-25 16.21.52

So simple and fast. It only took me one evening to make, and I immediately felt the need to make one for my sister.

I’m really proud of my time management this time since I made this petticoat the night before me and my sisters were supposed to have the photoshoot.

The petticoat is really comfortable to wear and works perfect both as a hidden petticoat under skirts for some extra fullnes, and as a skirt on its own. And I love that it matches both my new robe anglaise and a jacket I made a year ago. It makes me feel like I for once actually planned my historic wardrobe.

Here are some detail pictures of the skirt, and also a couple of pictures of the skirt in action paired both with the Anglaise of satin trouble and the flowery printed jacket I’ve told you about in previous posts.

2013-05-25 16.22.322013-05-25 16.23.09
Front and back of the pleating and waistband.

Petticoat paired with the flowery jacketIMG_2732DSC_0072Lady got back…



And paired with Anglaise of troubleIMG_2576

IMG_2542Shecking those shoes out

Just the facts:

Challenge 11. Rectangels

What: A quilted petticoat

Year: 1750-1780

Pattern: None, I looked at Baumgarters “Costume Close-up” Petticoat no 5

Fabric: 2 m of green pre-quilted polyester taffeta, I also used about 0,5 m of plain green cotton weave for the hem facing.

Notions: Thread, hook and eye.

How Historical Accurate: Not really – all machine-sewed in polyester fabric. The only right thing about it is the pattern, so maybe 20 %.

Time: 5 hours

Cost: 16 USD

First worn: On 9th of may for the photoshoot.


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