HSM 2017 – The rest of the year (Aug-Dec)

I always find it hard to plan a full year of sewing ni adwance, since so much can happen that will change your creative drift and interest.
So this year I only made plans for the first half of the “Historical sew Monthly“.

But as summer’s now upon us I think it is time to take a new look at the uppcoming challenges, and to try to figure out what I wan’t to create for the ending of this year.

Make something that was considered outrageous in its own time, or is just utterly ridiculous to modern eyes.

There are SOoo many things yuu could do here, like 1880s bustles, 1890s mutton-sleeves, 17th century trunkhose ore 1830s hairs (already done that:-).
But for this challenge I will try to finish my Robe a la Franchaise that I begunn in 2014.21b6904ef6a12a9a9d65e486ef558bfdIt’s not silly looking per se, but the panniers that it will go over are a bit cazy

Seen Onscreen
Be inspired by period fashions as shown onscreen (film or TV), and recreate your favorite historical costume as a historically accurate period piece.

I’ve been wanting to make myself some more 17th century garb and now might be a good oppurtunity to get to it.
elizabeth-capell-countess-of-carnarvon-ca-1665-sir-peter-lely I’m thinking maybe a new 1860s bodice (since I already have a pattern)
Or maybe someting a bit more daring like a mantua (I’ve hears a lot of Swedes arte doing these now a days…)

Out of Your Comfort Zone
Create a garment from a time period you haven’t done before, or that uses a new skill or technique that you’ve never tried before.

This one is hard, but I’ve been wanting to give menswear a fair try, so why not now. k4202drwI already have a Regency west cut and waiting, and if I can find the time I would love to also make a pair of breechers and a shirt.

HSF Inspiration
Be inspired by something that has been made for the HSF over the years to make your own fabulous item.

 There are so many gorgeous and inpireing entrys to the HSF/HSM, that it would be almost inpossible to choose only one.
That I think I will approach this from the other angle – to decide the garment first, by going through my stash and then find the right inspiration from the comunity.

Go Wild
You can interpret this challenge as an excuse to make something that incorporates animal print, or wild animals in some way, or to simply make something wild and over the top.

I also been craving an 15th century Burgundian gown for myself, and since those often are decorated with fur, it would be the perfect choise. spinning-women1

As you sure can guess, I’m planing a lot more costumes this year, 3 of which are already well on their way, that don’t fit into the scheduel that is the HSM.

HSF14 – sewing planes

For the HSF 2014 “The Dreamstress” have decided to anounce all of the up-coming challenges at once. This will make it easyer to plan your sewing year, and hopfully to keep the planes.

So last night I sat down and compared my whislist to the challenges and the up-coming historical events (that I know of) this year. Making something like a sewing plan for 2014. This feels verry strange, since I usaly decides at the last minute, and the chance is that I change my mind and want to make something else.

But I will try to stick to the plan as long as I can.

So here it is – The HSF Challenges 2014, and my intended garmnent.

1. Make do/mend:

IMG_4829A 1880s petticoat (Done)

IMG_4781And a re-make of my old 1750s flowery jacket (Done).

2. Innovations

IMG_4524a 1880s corset (Done, will post in a few days).

3. Pink

tumblr_m46pbhovqY1qadfhsA  18th century calico jacket (this one depends on how I feel when I get the fabric (which is still in my inlaws basement)).

4. Under it all

edwardiana  1900s S-shape corset.

5. Bodice

I’m not sure about this one, will have to wait and see.

6. Fairytale & 7. Tops/Toes


A 1900s white gown, inspired from the “Ariel” design together with some real pictures, and a big lovely hat to match. I think I got the right fabric for this gown, and now that I got lots of lace aswell, I should just go for it.

8. Ufo/Pdf

I’m not sure about this one, will have to wait and see. Hopfully I can use some of my stash, and perhaps do something for one of my sisters.

9. Black/White & 10. Art

imagesA 1780s white sateen skirt and the green striped gown in the painting. I already own the striped fabric, just need to find a nice white one for the skirt.

11. Politic

untitledA regency roundgown. It don’t get more political then that…

12. Shape/Support & 14. Paisley/Plaids.

2922460163_61fd26c808A 1850s cage crinoline to be worn under the 1850s paisley gown. I have  two bedsheets in brown/paisley which I bought with a dress like this in mind.

13. under 10 Usd

I think this challenge can be lot of things, like a chemise, a fichu, a hat or some other accessorie. I will wait and se what I will need at the time. But I think it will have to be pretty quick and simple, since the next one will take some extra time.

15. Outdoors

8312358697_ce6e37752bA light blue 18th century redingoat. Love this one from “Festive Attyre“, and I do have  a pale blue, soft wool that would be perfect.

16. Termologi

This one can also be a lot of things, but I think I will do something easy since the “Outerwear” one will be big.

17. Yellow

Maybe a regency open robe like the one worn on the round gown for challenge 11. This depends on what kind of fabric I find.

18. Poetry

1423_mediumNot sure yet, but thinkig of making a 18th century robe out of some flowery fabric I got. There will always be poems about flowers, right.

19. HSF inspiration

I’m sure there will be lots of inspiration in the “HSF” folders by then, but right now I have no ideé.

20. Alternative Universe

tumblr_m9ebbiQMJ11qa0f2qo1_500 bw21Maybe some steampunk or halloween dress. I like them both, but are not sure I will get any use out of them…

21. Re-do

A easy one to do since you can make almost anything, but I will decide later on.

22. Fortnightliers Choise

This depends on what the challenge will be.

23. Modern History


This one is difficult, since I usaly don’t wear “strange” clothing. But maybe I can try some 1930s blouse or pant patterns. Or perhaps the lovely black dress from “True Blood”.

24. Glitter

1920s-fashion-lbI’m thinking of making a 1920s party gown, maybe something I can wear on new years eve.

And thats was that.

I’m guessing I’ve been a bit to entusiastic (and optimistic) on this plan.

But I really like that I manadged to fit most of my wishlist into the challenges for this year. And that the big costume pieces are to be made in fabric I already own. That way I will try to keep the sewing budget smaler then last year.

I will do a recap in about 11 months and we will se if I manadged to stick to the plan.