18th century picnick

Right in the middle of my stressfull work with the Huldra movie I got invited to join my costume group for a 18th century picnick.

At first I tought that I was not going to be able to come. But as the day drew neerer i decided that i was most defenetly going – I was desperatly in need for someting to take my mind of the endless work hours and this picknic seemed like the perfect thing.

So I dove in to my box of costumes (having a bit of a crizis over wich dress to wear), and left work early to get myself dressed.

The picnic it self was located in the beautiful park of Drottningholm (the royal castle). And even tough I had to stress like hell, changing into  the historical stockings and petticoats and wigs, and then ride the metro and the buss alone in my costume it was totaly worth it.

The weather was perfect and when I opened my picnic basket i found the most wounderful pacage of fruit, sandwishes, chocolate and juice – that my friend so thoughtfully packed when I was rushing around trying to find my bumroll and shoebuckles.

IMG_1376The birds take flight to warmer countryes.




IMG_1422Just look at all that lovely food.

sCaoxZkRHs-sbPivzomAkL6ALioZCEF6pgrgtyxhVgUA fancy and historical way of dressing a sandwich and a juice-bottle (Thank you Kristin).


IMG_1410Me in my Chemise a Lamballe.



IMG_1404We even had some gentlemen and some adorable dogs in our group.

IMG_1388I love the mixing of patterns in thier dresses.

IMG_1380A story illustrated with papper-dolls was performed to our amusement.

IMG_1417Smoking pipe in the dusk.

IMG_1382My American Duchess shoes.

IMG_1381Not mine, but so beautiful and autentic.

IMG_1391My favorite picture – Lady taking a strol while the sun sets.