Söderköping’s Medieval Fair 2015

This weekend it was once again time for the annual medieval fair called “Söderköpings Gästabud”.
And just like last year I talked my sister into going with me, to watch and help with the dance recital.

And of course she needed something to wear…
So after a week of intensive sewing we were finally ready for the fair.

20150829_134702_resizedSis and me in our Medieval garb:
Blue Burgundian (24 hour) dress, and green wool cotiehardie

Once at Söderköping we hurried to find the rest of the dance team to get some last minute practice before we were to perform.  IMG_8308

My sister also got to partake in the dancing (even though she only watched the performance once before, (a task she performed perfectly, of course).IMG_8307OMG – how I’m I to keep my hats on while dancing?”

IMG_8314Medieval dancing…


IMG_8311Othilia and Maria (sis) catches their breath after the performance.

Since we then had a 3 hour break until next dance-performance, me, Clara and Maria headed of on our own.  IMG_8330

 First stop, “Jofotex fabrics” – the by far best fabric store in our area.IMG_8327“Price the lords for fabrics”

You could clearly see the influence the Medieval fair had on the store (and the well dressed clientele), with special prices on wool, linens, and everything slightly medieval. And the staff didn’t even bug an eye at our walking in in costumes.
IMG_8319A for effort but some what lower scores for historical accuracy…

Once again out of the store, somewhat poorer, (I bought some lovely ivory lace and fabric for a new skirt to my 17th century bodice) we headed back to the market to see everything. We found:

Knights practicing their fencing.IMG_8334

IMG_8337Maria and Clara listening to lovely music. 

Knights and horses.IMG_8341

And a coffin…IMG_8346

IMG_8348The town of Söderköping really is the perfect place for this kind of events, with the rivers, cobblestones and old houses it looks so beautiful.IMG_8351

I managed to get some pic of the new gown:IMG_8354




The market place lay beside the old church in the middle of the city.IMG_8374

There was lots of great things to shop for any historic/fabric nerd:IMG_8367Natural Furs

IMG_8370Colored furs – note the leopard and zebra colored ones.

IMG_8369Ribbon bonanza

IMG_8372Linen fabrics

IMG_8368Silk and velvet

IMG_8371And of course rows and rows of lovely wool.

Then we returned to the place for or next dance performance just in time to enjoy a great band playing medieval music.IMG_8376

IMG_8377Karin and Dan relaxing in the grass enjoying the music.

IMG_8381Sis in a sea of dress.

I didn’t get any pics of the dancing itself (since both me and my photographer was dancing), but it went really well and we had lots of folks looking and clapping.

Afterwards we had some final chat before it was time to say goodbye for this time.IMG_8386

IMG_8383The musicians Lena and Eric and dance master Sievert.

IMG_8387Maud and Othilia having a cozy moment.

IMG_8392Karin and Solveig both looking great in their dresses and headwear.

IMG_8397And that’s all folks…

A Separate Skirt

Since I’ve been so bissy this last month I knew I was not going to make the deadline for the HSF challenge 16 – Seperates.

But now (a month late) the entry are finaly done and photographed.

I knew that this challenge needed to be something quite simple, since I was running so late. So I decided to make a skirt. The period and style was inspired by and meant to go with the ongoing challenge 17s garment (which I will tell you more about next time).

So my 16th entry is a 1750s handsewn skirt made to fit over smal pocket hops.


The fabric is a polyester satin in a golden/brown colour that will match several different dresses and social classes.


The construction are simply two lenghts of fabric sewn togheter and pleated at the waist.



The skirt ties to the waist by separate front and back pieces, to make it fit more bodysizes.



Just the facts:

Challenge 16: Separates

What: A 18th century skirt.

Year: 1740-1780.

Pattern: None, but studied the petticoat from “Patterns of Fashion 1”

Fabric: 3m golden/brown polyster satin

Notions: Thread and 2m cotton ribbon

How historical accurate: Pretty good (exept for the polyester content). Totaly hand sewn with period stitching and cutting methods. So mabye 70%.

Time: 5 hours.

Cost: 300 Sek (33USD)

First worn: On the photoshoot mid sep1


A few days later I found a beautiful flowery cotton fabric on sale at my fabric store, and bought the whole lot.

It was’nt untill I got home and putt it on the table next to my skirt fabric I realized that they looks like they are made to be togheter. Im already dreaming of several wounderful dresses to go with the skirt.