A Pile of Notions

My favorite (and only) store for sewing notions have just declared bankruptcy.
They have been my go to store for ages, and even if they’r not the cheapest they are definable the most well stocked.

The most sad thing about it (apart from me not being able to shop there no more) is that they didn’t go bankrupt because of lack of costumers, but because the owner got arrested while traveling and shopping for more beautiful ribbons.

This week I (and every senior citizen who can hold a needle) lined up for the clearance sale.

And here are some of the thing I got…


IMG_5361Cotton ribbons perfect for laces and cording

IMG_5362Cotton velvet in brown and midnight blue

IMG_536410 m of white and black pleated ribbon.

IMG_5368Many meters of lace

IMG_5370Pompon ribbon and more lace

IMG_5371Feather ribbon

IMG_5373Assorted colors of buttonhole thread

IMG_5374Belt buckles and butterfly patches


IMG_5378Inspiration overload….