New year – New challenges

Long time no seen.

Just wanted to stop by to to let you all know the reason for my (3 months :-O) absent from the blog.
During which some of you so kindly noted my lack of posting, and sent me loving messages.
Thank you so much again! There is no way I can tell you how much that meant to me.

The easy answer is – I´ve been to tired.

The real answer is – Yes I´ve been tired, and nauseous, and happy, and scared, and overwhelmed – Because I´m expecting a child (to be born in June). 😀

f86674a5210889457ce0791f18d4a739This will be me in a few months 🙂

Me and my fiance are so happy (and terrified), and we both try to get as much rest as we can before the baby comes.

Thanks again to all my patient readers, I will be back with more sewing (hopefully even historical) soon :-).





8 thoughts on “New year – New challenges

  1. Oh congratulations! I am so excited and pleased for the two of you. My daughter-in-law was like you unsure about the baby, but when he was born she became the best mom, and you will too. All the best so pleased to hear from you. Your friend in Canada

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