Regency Sewing Course

This fall I’ve been knee deep in Regency – in a good way.

As preparations for the up-coming regency ball I was asked to teach a night class in historic sewing.

So in beginning of September we had the first class. I was really nervous, not at all sure about this period  and not knowing was the students were expecting.


Everything went smooth, and the students were very grateful and everyone helped in answering the more tricky questions, which made me really happy about all the combined knowledge in the group.

IMG_3656It seems even I got some time working on my dress between helping the others.

IMG_3652My sister working on her ridicule.

IMG_3342The last meeting was held just a week before the ball, and the theme were accessories.

bild 1Concentrating hard.

IMG_3347Carl’s pinning the lining for his waistcoat.

IMG_3349Anna is a happy camper stitching away on her mock up for a spencer.

IMG_3662Pernilla stitching on her gown.

IMG_3350Maud usuly does 18th century but have changed century for this ball.


The day of the ball some of us was not quite finished…IMG_3724Sneaking out those needles during the water break in the dancing rehearsals

 And here comes some pics from the ball to show of everybody’s beautiful work.

IMG_3755Denise and Pernillas lovely green creations.

IMG_3810Paula and Carl shared and used the same sari for their outfits, and they both looked smashing.

IMG_3815Maud made her whole dress by hand, and did manadge to finish before the last minute.

IMG_3819Solveig made the dress for her daughter Othelia.

IMG_3821Clara in her light green dress and wonderful ridicule.
Hm, do I detect a color trend…

10799595_1007608945932899_1896436223_nAnna in her fabulous cream colored gown
(photo credit to Anna)

IMG_3801And Pose….

 I’m so proud of what everyone of you have accomplished, and you all looked fantastic at the ball.
I’ve learnt so much during our meetings and hope to continue this classes, now when we all are ready for some new challenges.


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