The Sport Anglaise finishing up

Iv’e been sewing a lot lately, crossing several new and a few old projects of my list.

One of those “old” projects was the “Sport- Anglaise” which I’ve started in January. Then in Mars I gave you an update, and last week I managed to finish and photograph it properly.

I stated, when first starting this project – I will only sew, while my boyfriend watches sport on our Television.
Well that didn’t last very long…
I had way to much to do during the spring, and there was no way I could set aside all the other projects just because there was some game playing in the other room.
But to my defense this year I’ve endured both an Olympics and a World Championchip in football, so I’m pretty sure the dress would have been finished long ago if I’d stucked to the plan.

Anyhow, lets take a look at my final construction notes and finished pictures:

Where I left of last time I had just cut the fabric and begun to put he bodice together.IMG_0486I basted the side and shoulder seams. Stitched the three back seams down, doing small back stitches from the outside.IMG_0487The back stitched down.

Then I laced on my corset, and pinned the bodice shut for a try on.
IMG_0468 IMG_0466
As you can see it is a bit snug at the waist, causing the fabric to buckle under the pressure. But otherwise the fit was fine.

So let the side seams out a bit at the waist to get a smooth line.IMG_0488

Then I stitched the lining to the front and back piece.IMG_0732

And put in the sleevesIMG_0737I stitched them right sides together under arm and, from the top over the shoulder. Attaching the shoulder strap along the way.IMG_0728

And carefully pining the lining into place.IMG_0729

I put boning in the center back and front seams to help reduce wrinkles.IMG_0731

And stitched on hooks and thread bars for closure.IMG_0785

This is all that left of my 2,5 m fabric once the dress was complete.IMG_0764Thank goodness I didn’t need to make any bigger changes to it.

The Finished dress pared with the golden skirt:
(lots of photos, feel free to scroll down)IMG_1470









And a la polonaise:IMG_1435









And a mirror selfie of me dressed for the photoshoot:IMG_1419

Dress facts:

Pattern: None, I draped my own.

Fabric: 2,5 m of printed cotton, 0,5 m brown cotton for lining and 0,5 m thick canvas for interlining.

Notions: Thread, hooks and eyes, 0,6 m plastic boning for the front and some small pieces of ribbon for the “bustle effect”.

Time: I would guesstimate about 20 hours, but I started it in January (working on it only while my boyfriend watched some kind of sport on Tv) so I can’t be sure.

Cost: About 100 Sek (16 Usd) since the fabric was on sale.

Final thoughts: I really like this dress. I think it looks lovely and make me feel good wearing it. I’m already dreaming of going to a 18th century masked ball dressed in this gown and posing as “Autumn”.

Although looking at the pictures of me wearing it, I notice the huge amount of wrinkles occurring at the under arm/bust era, and at the back waist. I think I will have to go back and re-check the fit.


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