A Night at the Opera 1880s style

I’ve  purposely been waiting a bit to tell you about the grand bal at the opera out of  two reasons: one – I first wanted to tell you properly about my dress, and secondly I wanted to gather as many pictures as possible from other guests.

But now it is time.

As you might know by now, I attended the yearly 1880s bal at the opera in late january.

And it was wonderful.1723789_607606335955867_1883239920_nA group picture by the photograp couple caled Haapala. (I’m in the far back).

After arriving in the capital, I emedetly started to get ready. Laying all costume pieces out on the hostel bed, and then starting on the hair. IMG_5495Then I began dressing. This step turned out to be pretty interesting, using the hostels smal bathroom, trying to lace myself in looking over my shoulder in the smal bathroom mirror. A bit tricky…


Then I finished the hair with a tiara, put on some lipstick and donned the velvet cape – ready to go.IMG_5486

When arriving at the opera, I emedetly feelt welcomed by both the atmosphere and the faubolusly dresses guests.

I was strucken by the amount of effort most participants (men and women) had putt into dressing according to the code, and the fashion of the 1880s. There were so many beautiful dresses and hairdos, I’m just sorry not to be able to photograph everything.

But I did get some pics – enjoy.IMG_5502The dancing was so much fun, but it was also werry beautiful to watch. *1618491_10151833413956736_1660265903_n* 1503391_10151833416281736_792841747_n* 993805_10151833413806736_1796644335_n

About the only mingel picture I’m in (at the far right with my back to the camera). *1545620_10151833399416736_655984548_n

Some lovely ladies.*1555269_10151833397136736_106995179_nThe theme of the bal was “Russian”. * 1653574_10151833397411736_1819508935_nAnd one couple dressed to the teeth as the russian tsar Nikolaj II and wife (the costumes are made by the very talented Caroline (in the picture)).IMG_5512 IMG_5503


I love that striped fabric.



Some lovely bustles.


And more…IMG_5527

…and more. (a lovely original 19th century dress).IMG_5516


Merja from “Before the Automobil” in lovely pink, and two finish ladies.IMG_5564

We also had some 18th century guests, part of the dancing paus entertainment.IMG_5511

And some mandetory selfies… digging the bustle.**1608907_10151909878018027_236049251_n

And that lovely lace.** 1616522_10151909870498027_1598367868_n

And of course some pics of me.IMG_5522

I loved wearing my gown, and felt both pretty and comfortable (except when sitting down). Just before it was time to leave I manadged to get a lovely lady to take some photos of me. (Thanks again).IMG_5547

IMG_5561 nära* = Photos by: Caroline Eklund, ** = Photos by: Johanna and Aggi, Un-maked photos by me.

And to conclude the post, I must say it was faboulus.

I loved it all, the atmosphere, the costumes, the dancing, the people, and I particularly enjoied the gathering of the guest at a pub after the opera closed. Staying out for severa hours. Everything was so nice.

I’m will defenetly try to attend next year, and maybe I even will get one of my sisters to go with me.


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